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Ok so I've been emailing different locations trying to get an idea of what pricing I will actually be dealing with. Let's just say Westin through me off my chair at their prices, South Point pricing was not within the realms, and GVR well looks like I should look at a backyard wedding. 
I'm not saying I'm overly surprised, but was in some ways. I thought that maybe with everything at one sight and booking a block of rooms for out of town guests would help, but it doesn't look that way.  

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  •  I think it all depends on the location and what is included. For exampl, SilverSky Chapel is SUPER cheap but doesn't include much vs. Platinum that is all-inclusive. Also depends on the number of people.
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  • That's why we opted for in-suite.  Not having to pay for the chapel saved a lot.
  • Planet Hollywood has some inexpensive packages or Reverand Roland The mobile minister can arrange it himself and save you even more by not being forced into a package.  They also allow outside photographers fora $150 fee.  Note that you either love or hate the PH chapel, it's very modern with colorful glass sculptures but it was perfect for me.   We did an insuite meet and greet there in a panoramic suite but didn't use any of the PH catering or restaurants.
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  • How many guests are you looking at?  My sister was married at the little chapel of the west just south of Mandalay Bay and it was quite lovely, she did a dinner reception at Grimaldi's and it was a great night, but of course that was a pretty small group.

    An in-suite would be less too like PP mentioned.
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    Between 100-150 we are trying to cut the list down even more though
  • We had similar issues. Check out Bali Hai, Bears Best, and Silverton. On strip locations will, for the most part, not be able to accommodate your numbers.
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    What about down on Fremont street I'm going to have to go look at the silverton I didn't like the pictures
  • 99% of the hotels we looked at that are located on the strip wouldn't accommodate a group bigger than 50-75. I don't think Fremont would be any different.

    Start visiting venues. You can get a lot better feel for a place when you see it and meet with the contacts that help you.

    What is your budget for food/bev for the 150?
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  • If you're budget-conscious, these might not be good options for you but Wynn and Venetian can both accommodate up to 150 guests.  They're expensive but gorgeous.  Our ceremony was at Venetian and we loved it.
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    The Flamingo can accommodate 100 guests on the West Lawn, and they have some really good packages. We got married at Silver Sky, which is part of the same group. We were able to bring in our own photographer for a fee, and everyone was great to work with.

  • We did Las Vegas Country Club which can accommodate over 200 (like you we had an extensive guest list, it's not really a "destination wedding" when you live here).  It wasn't super cheap but less sticker shock than the strip locations that we'd looked at and still close to it for OOT guests.

    Since you looked at South Point I'd check into A Secret Garden which isn't far from there (guests could easily stay there or the M) and was super reasonable for what they included- I think they had told me they can do 150 although it will be pushing the limits of comfortable with a dance floor.  The M was OK but I didn't like the upstairs space for that size group because of the support beams- it was good to break up the room back when it was a restaurant but makes it hard to set up so everyone can see the B&G as an event space but they didn't show me the ballrooms (which I've since been to and are basic but nice).

    We also looked at Emerald at Queensridge which could do 150 and had a nice setup.  While I didn't end up visiting them Wedgewood event center looked nice online and could handle your guest list.  A coworker of mine was married at Rainbow Gardens and was happy with it, again I didn't visit that location myself.
  • I highly recommend Cili at the Bali Hai Golf Course.
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    The Havana room can accommodate your size on the strip. Great Venue, I would have used it myself but it wasn't open yet. I have no idea about the pricing.

    We got married at Siena Golf Club and they could accommodate up to 300 people I believe. They are far from the strip - $75/cab ride, we had shuttles arranged. But was a fantastic venue. 
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