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Do I have to invite her to my bridal shower?

Hello all,

A friend of mine is getting married the month before me, and I just received an invitation in the mail for her bridal shower. Is it bad etiquette to not invite her to my shower if she's invited me to hers? She's not a very close friend, but I went to college with her and we, along with four other girls, have stayed in touch somewhat sporadically since. The thing is, my bridal shower is being held at my mother's house, and so we have more of a finite space for guests, whereas this girl is having her shower at a reception hall, so she is probably able to invite more people. Also, I couldn't invite just her and none of the other four girls that I went to school with (they would be offended, I feel). So that's an extra five people to invite that I'm not sure we have room for. What's the etiquette on this? Thanks all!

Re: Do I have to invite her to my bridal shower?

  • Nope. Invitations are not tit for tat. The only rule is that anyone invited to pre-wedding events should only be guests that are invited to the wedding.

    runsonveggies[Deleted User]
  • Invitations are not tit for tat. Don't worry about it! They sound like two complete different events anyway - giant shower vs. intimate family and friends shower.

    runsonveggies[Deleted User]
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