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Bad day to good day

I had a really long day today. My workday varies based on classes I'm teaching and which schools I'm at, so it's not unusual to have 10+ hours in a given day. But today was 12 hours, at least four of them driving, and I was supposed to run a discussion group, but no one showed up. (This was in the evening, so rush hour traffic, and 80+ miles round trip. I don't mind doing it, but when I get three people RSVPing yes, I expect them to show up too!)

I had called Fiance before I headed home. When I got in, he had made burritos, had a plate and a glass of wine ready for me. He's the best.

Anyone else had something that redeemed their day?

Re: Bad day to good day

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    I didn't sleep last night.  Could fall asleep at all.  But my AP is moving to a new school as of today (as I mentioned in another thread - I'm just so happy she's gone), so my day got better.  

    12 hours is a crazy long day, especially with so much driving.  Glad your FI was ready for you when you got home. 

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    My day was uneventful.   Work was meh.    DH did take me to lunch.   Oh and I did make an amazing pork loin with creamy mustard sauce, mashed potatoes and some mixed veggies.    It's taken 6 years, but I'm getting better at cooking.  Just for myself though.  I'm not good at cooking for others.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
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    I have been down on myself for not getting a teaching job this year (finished my degree last year). I decided to submit a new round of applications at the new year and had 3 interviews in one week and got offered every single position. One of them offered me the position AND told me they had a brand new, not-yet-posted part time allotment that they wanted me for, so I was able to accept both positions. I start Monday, and I am so freakin excited. (Except a little sad that it's going to seriously affect my tk time)

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    I'm sorry your day was so stressful @snakeylady.  Mine was pretty uneventful.  Went for my annual checkup, and everything is a-ok, aside from the allergies, which no one can do anything about apparently.  Highlight of the day was an awesome afternoon nap, which made up for it taking ages for me to fall asleep last night.  

    Congrats @lurkergirl!  That's wonderful news.
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    I was feeling really housebound and slothful and useless. Then got some good news and my auntie (godmother) came by and played with babies so I could take a whirlpool bath then do some serious cooking for company, posting on tk while stuff was in the oven. My whole day turned around, twenty two rowdy people at the dinner table. Yay. Bye bye baby blues.
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