Private catering/chef for backyard wedding near New Haven?

My fiancé and I live on a small farm in Woodbridge CT right outside of New Haven- and see no sense in renting a venue- when we have a great one right here.  We are doing a chic BBQ theme- putting tons of thoughts and DIY ideas into it- to make it memorable and yet affordable as we're also in the middle of adopting a baby girl from overseas and that is very pricey.  Although we want to prep a lot of the food on our own- we would like to have two people at the wedding in the food department:

1. Someone to refill drink stations, bring out and cut the cake (cake maker is fiancé's mom who is very talented), refill any foods that run out, etc.  Basically hire someone to be an extra hand so we can relax and enjoy.  Hoping to pay $500.00 or less for about 7ish hours of work.  How would I find someone to fit this bill?   Such an odd job.  Perhaps just ask around through friends?  

2. Secondly- we plan to prep most of the food on our own and make it more BBQ style- but we would love to have a grill going and want to serve 3 sliders that guests can choose from over the course about 3 hours- pulled pork, hamburger, and meatball.  We also want fries to be made for a "fry station".   We are willing to pay whatever is needed for this- but no idea how to find someone who does this type of thing.  Do I just contact regular catering companies?  

Thanks in advance!  Doing our best to plan a lovely little wedding (50 people) and still budget to be able to get our baby girl home in 2015/2016!  

Re: Private catering/chef for backyard wedding near New Haven?

  • Ha, I'll do it! I'm excellent at coordinating large events, and anticipating what needs to happen next! But seriously though, i really would. In response to the second option, I'm sure some local caterers would be willing to help out with the sliders and fries.
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