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Something blue, new and borrowed

Help me out here ladies. I have no idea what to do for borrowed and blue. I guess I can use the wedding jewelry as my something new, but I have nothing for the others. I have a very small family and circle of friends, that I can't think of any thing, any one could lend me!!

What are you doing for yours?

Re: Something blue, new and borrowed

  • I don't think I had a something blue. I probably had blue flowers in my bouquet, but...... I might have had blue on my underwear?

    For my something old, I wore a bracelet that my grandma, my mom and my sister wore at their weddings. You could ask your mom if she kept anything from her wedding that she'd let you carry with you. 

  • My blue was my garter, and I borrowed my mom's bracelet.  Old was my veil and my great-grandma's earrings, and new was my dress.
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  • My toenails were blue and my borrowed were earrings that I wore in my 2nd holes. 
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  • I also had blue garter
  • I didn't have anything borrowed. My underwear was blue (I think).


  • My blue is the rhinestone "I do" that I'm putting underneath my shoes. I have no idea what I'm doing for borrowed. 
  • My underwear was blue.
  • My blue was my sash.
    My borrowed was actually a gambling chip that my parents won on their wedding night (they got married in Vegas). I put it in my shoe instead of a "pence".
  • My old was my promise ring H had given me (even though it wasn't THAT old), borrowed was my mom's necklace chain that I wore, blue was the ribbons that ties my bustle in my dress, and new was my dress.

    Oh and I had blue toenails.

  • my blue was my underwear and for borrowed, I borrowed a friends clutch since I needed something to carry my stuff in and didn't feel like buying a semi formal looking bag  that i'd prob  never use again.  

  • Old - my jewelry, my dad's cufflinks tied to my bouquet
    New - my shoes
    Borrowed - a pendant from my bestie (it was also blue) pinned into my dress
    Blue - my toenails and the pendant I borrowed

  • New- Dress and veil
    Blue- my grandmother's earrings
    Old- My fiance's grandmother's pearl necklace
    Borrowed- not quite sure yet, but I've heard of borrowing perfume from someone!
  • My ring kind of covers 2 out of 3.  It's an old heirloom, and is essentially borrowed borrowed because I only have it until the next generation needs it.  Also, it has blue sapphires in it.  It's checking quite a few things off the list!
  • My e-ring has a sapphire for the centre stone, so that was my blue. I also considered blue underwear (I had some), but I think I ended up going with white. 

    I wore my best friends pearl necklace as my borrowed.

    Pretty much everything else was new. 

  • Old is my ring (it's an antique), new is the rest of my jewelry, the bottoms of my shoes are blue, my mother is lending me a broach to pin to my bouquet as my something borrowed. I'm still deciding on my something liquored, something pickled, and something barbeque
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  • Old: My mom brought one of my Grandma's cameo pins that I attached to my bouquet. It was nice feeling it while I held the bouquet and thinking of grandma.

    Borrowed: Earrings and bracelet from my BFF/MOH.

    Blue: Bouquet stem wrap was blue ribbon and I had blue flowers in the bouquet too.

    New: Everything else....dress, veil, necklace, headband, shoes.
  • Old: I tucked my grandmother's small church veil into my dress. 
    New: My dress. 
    Borrowed: Bracelet. 
    Blue: I secured a blue pin from a friend's wedding onto my bouquet. 
  • My underwear will be borrowed.

    ...kidding. My shoes are blue, my jewelry is new, and my veil is a family heirloom. I'll probably borrow a bracelet or something but I'm not quite sure yet.
  • Borrowed- we are using my mom's pillow from their wedding

    Old- I am wearing my mom's cathedral length veil that is 43 years old

    New- my dress and my jewelry

    Blue- have not figured that one out yet

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  • Old - I'm wearing the diamond ring of my great-aunt who I was named after on a chain
    New - I think I'm counting the dress as my something new
    Borrowed - I have a tiara from the FH's stepmother who forgot it before her wedding to my future FIL
    Blue - Haven't decided yet if I will have a blue garter, shoes, or a petticoat under the dress.

    Our wedding colors are blue and purple so I may end up gong with all three for blue.

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  • Old: bracelet that belonged to my grandma
    New: veil that I made (I felt like the dress wasn't technically new since I had bought it 9 months earlier, but I had just finished the veil!)
    Borrowed: hair piece my friend wore in her wedding
    Blue: my H's blue December birth stone in my earrings.

    Just borrow a bobby pin or something and stick it in your hair if it'll bother you to not have it. But it really won't be the end of the world if you don't. :)

  • For something borrowed, what about good wishes or advice? Ask someone close to you to write down some advice or a good luck message for your wedding (or type one out in a pretty font) and then attach the message to your bouquet with a pretty ribbon? You could even use a blue ribbon and kill two birds with one stone.

    If blue doesn't really match your wedding colors, blue garters are pretty common. That's what I did.
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