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We have a wedding website (not through the Knot). I'm considering putting our honeymoon information on the website and wanted some feedback on a few things.

1. Is this something that should be on the website in the first place?
2. If I put it on, would it be weird to include it on the same page as our registry information or should it be on its own page/tab?

In the past when I have been invited to weddings I have tried to find out the bride and groom's honeymoon information so I could see if I could pay for a dinner or bottle of champagne in the hotel. I'm not necessarily expecting anyone to do this for me, but that is my motivation - maybe some guests will have the same idea. I'm just not sure how to handle it etiquette-wise and whether it's better to let people know by word of mouth if they happen to ask. What do you think, Knotties?

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  • mrscomposermrscomposer Mani-snow-ba member
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    I wouldn't put it on your website - my first reaction to seeing that would be a raised eyebrow and a ""  If, however, someone has the same idea as you, definitely tell them.
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  • lovegood90lovegood90 Ontario member
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    This doesn't belong on your website.

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  • esstee33esstee33 Pittsburgh member
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    I wouldn't side-eye you having honeymoon info on your website, but I wouldn't put a ton of details, like the specific place you're staying or anything. I think you're fine to mention in passing that you're heading off to X place for your honeymoon. If people want to send you something, they can ask for more specific details. I definitely wouldn't put it with the registry info -- that's the one thing I probably would side-eye, because it absolutely looks like you expect some sort of honeymoon-related gifting. 
  • I'd side-eye it.

    If I wanted to do that, I'd ask you where you're honeymooning or get details from your family.  But for the most part, I would only do that for someone I'm EXTREMELY close to (sibling, best friend) and if I'm extremely close to that person, I've probably already heard the details of where they're honeymooning and don't need to look it up on their website.  Otherwise, I'm assuming for the most part that adults have already planned where they are dining and made reservations somewhere or that grown adults on their honeymoon don't want to be tied to doing an activity/dinner I picked for I'll just give them cash to do with what they like.
  • Don't do it, and definitely not near registry information (I'd assume you were trying to prompt us to give you honeymoon money). If people want to offer you something for the honeymoon, they can ask (just like they can ask you where you are registered if they want to buy you a gift).

    Honestly, out of pure curiosity, a bazillion people asked us where we were going just to make conversation. You're overthinking.

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    I wouldn't put it on your website - my first reaction to seeing that would be a raised eyebrow and a ""  If, however, someone has the same idea as you, definitely tell them.
    This. I know it sounds awful, but so much info that people put out into the universe just makes me say, "Who gives a shit?" If I saw this on your website, I would think you were being an AW. If someone wants to know where you are going, they will ask. 
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • I side eye it. Honest truth.
    It should absolutely not be on the registry information page. 

    If I click on a registry information page, I'm doing it because I am specifically looking for ideas and suggestions of what gift to give.  That's what it is, that's why it's there. 

    If I saw honeymoon info there? I'd perceive it as a not very subtle hint that you'd just love it if people chipped in to finance aspects of your honeymoon. Because that's what it is, and that's why it would be there. 

    Not going to lie. I'd be judging, and probably making snarky remarks behind your back. 
  • Thanks ladies. This is what I'd like to avoid and you're all probably right - I'm overthinking it. I guess I'm excited because we just booked everything today :)
  • No worries, Miss Junebug. Odds are, lots of people will give you lovely check and cash gifts, and that's fair game. Honeymoon bonus points, etiquette approved. 
    And booking trips is really exciting! Where are you going? Because I'm nosy, and think trips are serious fun.
    Blue_BirdJunebug2015lc07[Deleted User]
  • @ohannabelle we're going to Martha's Vineyard! We initially decided to wait to do a big honeymoon until the fall because (a) we wanted to save money for a big trip and (b) we didn't want to leave New England in June, when it's actually nice. Then we started to really want at least a little vacation afterward, so we booked a B&B on the Vineyard for a few days post-wedding. I can't wait!
    ohannabelle[Deleted User]SP29
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