Looking for Catholic priest to marry in church

Hi everyone,
Although my fiance and I both live in Chicago, we're considering getting married in Pittsburgh because that is where I'm originally from and we know our budget will got a lot further there.  We're both Catholic and active members of our churches in Chicago, but are having difficulty arranging a Catholic ceremony in Pgh.  We have identified churches that will host weddings for non parishioners, but they all seem to require you to provide your own priest and we don't have any priests we know personally in Pittsburgh.  Does anyone know of a priest who would be willing to marry a couple outside of their own parish? Or any suggestions of ways to find someone?
Thank you!

Re: Looking for Catholic priest to marry in church

  • You could try contacting the office of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, perhaps they have guidelines for this or even a list of priests who would do this.  Good luck!
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