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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Did you get your wedding band and engagement ring soldered together?

I am just wondering who has kept their rings seperate, and who is getting them soldered together?

Re: Did you get your wedding band and engagement ring soldered together?

  • nope i didnt! they wouldnt look good sodered.
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  • I'm with Mrs. Linhart! I really like the way they look separate. It was very important for me to have two rings as they symbolize two different events of our lives together. It's also nice to be able to take of the expensive e-ring sometimes when we do things like snorkling or any other outdoor activities.  I also take my e-ring off at night as i have heard form a jeweler that the prongs might get cought while sleeping and the ring damaged more easily, even thought it is a platinum ring. Cecylia
  • Mine are separate. We searched high a low for a very distinctive wedding ring that would look great by it's lonesome. I do wear my e-ring on my right hand every day, but I'm thinking that down the road some day, I'd like to be able to give it to my son for his fiance :)If not....eh...I like them separate :)
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