Sacramento venue ideas for a tiny wedding that still has room for a dance floor?

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My fiancee and I are dancers, so we'd be sad if there was no dancing at our wedding. In itself, that's not a problem, but we're planning on 36-48 guests max, depending on whether she decides to invite her family or not (mine certainly aren't invited, so she wouldn't be alone there), and venues that expect that small a number and can accommodate dance floors do not seem to be thick on the ground. 

We're also planning on a Jewish wedding, meaning (in our case) it'll likely be a Sunday afternoon/evening in either inclement or unpleasantly hot/cold weather (certain times of year are just not done for Jewish weddings unless you're Reform enough to disregard those customs), so it needs to at least have an indoor option and be as local as possible to ensure most of our guests don't have too much trouble attending.

It also needs to be sufficiently romantic to please the fiancee -- Victorian buildings, the Grand Island Mansion, and various B&Bs all fulfill this requirement; a golf course/conference center/hotel lacking in fanciful/historical flavor would not. I'd rather not hold it in a restaurant, because we're vegetarian (and thus want our wedding to be vegetarian), and I have a really impressive array of food allergies -- all our favorite restaurants are little holes-in-the-wall with lovely interiors but terrible parking and/or situated in shopping centers.

The only local venue I know of that doesn't assume at least a 50-guest minimum is the Amber House B&B, which has a 30-guest max and probably couldn't accommodate a dance floor. The Grand Island Mansion is beautiful, but a pain in the ass travel-wise and assumes a 50-guest minimum. The Inn at Park Winters would be fantastic, if Fiancee's father hadn't just gotten married there this past summer (awkward!). I'm looking at the Sterling Hotel downtown, and it meets all these requirements, and I love that they could do an all-inclusive package that would still accommodate our various special needs... except that I think it's likely we'd end up paying for 50 guests regardless of whether our guest count was that high or not. 

So, tl;dr: does anybody know a great venue I've somehow overlooked and/or have experience with planning a smaller wedding than the venue's pricing structure indicates they'll do? Am I overthinking it? I'd appreciate anyone's experience with similar planning, and I appreciate y'all reading about this -- I feel like we're the world's biggest PITA wedding-planning-wise right about now *sheepish face*

Re: Sacramento venue ideas for a tiny wedding that still has room for a dance floor?

  • Have you checked out Catta Verdera Country Club in Lincoln, CA?  I am pretty sure they only require minimums for Saturday evening (We did a Friday evening and had no minimum).  They offer a variety of all inclusive packages (with vegetarian options) + bar options (not required).  The ceremony can be done outside overlooking the 18th green (cute little canopy) or inside the ballroom and the cocktail hour/reception is on the veranda and inside their reception hall (very romantic setting).  The dance floor is a generous size (and can be made bigger depending on guest size, which yours is small so dance floor can expand). 

    I loved working with the staff--and our pictures were Gorgeous.

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