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April 2015 Weddings

Crazy Dreams

Anyone else having crazy wedding dreams, or is that just me? Mostly they are just classic "oh no, I'm not ready!" dreams. Usually there is sort of a domino effect..like I realize my makeup isn't done and it's about time for the ceremony..then I realize that if my makeup isn't on, that means we haven't taken any pictures yet..which means, where IS my photographer? And so on and so forth.

I did have one especially humorous one where someone involved with the wedding had offered to make my veil for me..and when they gave it to me, right before the wedding, it had chunks of cookie dough sewn all over it. Ha.

Re: Crazy Dreams

  • LOL! Yours sound much more involved then mine. My wedding dreams have been pretty basic and not too dramatic. I do often have trouble sleeping though because all I can think about is wedding planning and I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about wedding planning stuff.... I think I'm just not sleeping enough to have wedding nightmares. o_O haha
  • LOL.. Yeah I have had a couple of a vendor not showing up or running out of time to get dressed kinda thing. My mind is always racing with all this wedding planning stuff.. Cant wait til after the wedding and I have nothing I feel like I need to be doing.. SIGH..
  • Ive had about 3, all revolving around not being ready, or someone crucial not being there [ so far its been my fiance and photographer lol]
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  • I had crazy wedding related dreams from Sunday-Wednesday! Each pertaining to a different aspect surrounding the wedding! Wednesday was so crazy that I woke up in the middle of the night and tossed and turned all night! 
  • I haven't slept straight through in about a week except none of mine are wedding dreams and I'm not stressed about the wedding at all I want it to be here already but I am getting so tired from being up 1-3 hours a night from bad dreams that my hair is starting to fall out! Maybe subconsciously I am stressed but I don't realize it?!
  • Heatherjones031787Heatherjones031787 Houston, TX
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    i heard these dreams are normal and i was like what the hell?!? No one couldnt of warned me, sleeping is so hard now
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