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I am newly engaged and I have been starting to look at dresses.  I am not getting married for a while, 2 1/2 years, so I do not want to start dress shopping yet. However,  I found a dress I am absolutely in love with, it has everything I love in a dress.  My biggest concern is will it still be available by the time I am ready to start in store shopping.  It is a Fall 2014 dress, and I plan to start shopping probably early 2016 (for a mid 2017 wedding).  I know even that's a little early, but considering we have the time, I figured we might as well use it and decrease the stress when the wedding gets closer.  I don't know if the designer makes a difference but if so it's a Sophia Tolli dress.

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    It's hard to know what it's availability will be then. By then it will be almost two years old so it will probably be harder to find. You'll have to look at places that sell older dresses and you might be able to find it used.

    I wouldn't stress over it. There are so many dresses out there. I'm sure you'll be able to find one you love when you are ready to shop.

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    What style is it? Give a link, or name or model number from website.
    Some makers keep dresses which sell well for 3 years, but one that sells few dresses will be pulled earlier. ST is smaller and less predictable. But some looks are timeless, so some dresses one can look at and say, maybe a different pattern of beads sewn on or trim to edges, but a dress very like that will be in a line every year. Which some of us could spot looking at a picture of your dress.

    ST was head designer for Maggie Sottero for years, and even now, some of the classic touches ST has in her line are also in some MS dresses.

    So show us your style, and we will give our opinions on likelihood of finding a dress like it for years.
    My wedding dress was a classic and they carried the exact model for years, then under a new name a model most people could not tell you the difference in, except it came now in white and some different colors . Sometimes the difference between two pictured models is that for two years it had a corset back, but could be ordered zippered. And so many ordered zippered there will be a new model picture with a zipper but can be ordered with a corset closure or buttons, and removable sleeves.

    Get it? You may not see the exact same picture, but could order it the way you wanted. And maybe one year it is available in pale gold and another in pink blush, but always in white and ivory.

    Show and tell.
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