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I am gathering some market research and would love it if anyone can answer the short list of questions.... THANKS!! 1) Which of the following served as your main source of information when wedding planning: 1- Internet, 2- Bridal Shows, 3- Magazines or 4- Word of Mouth (former brides advising which vendors to go with...) 2) How long were you engaged? 3) What month/year was your wedding? 4) Did you confirm any vendor selections for your wedding using the internet only? (meaning you did not meet a vendor before hiring) 5) Did you attend a bridal show? If yes, how many did you attend, what was your experience, and how far did you travel to attend the show. If no, why not?

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    My wedding hasn't happened yet but we've got almost all the planning done so I'll go ahead and answer: 1) internet 2) 1.5 yrs 3) October 2009 4) Yes 5) No, too much travel for me.
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    1.) Internet2.) 2 years 1 month3.) March 20094.) No, I met all my vendors in person before I booked them. I only used e-mail to correspond after I booked them.5.) Yes, 4. I enjoyed the first 2 and hated the last 2. The first two were small and served food and beverages including alcohol. Since they were smaller, I was able to talk to vendors longer and get to know them. The last two were extremely large and even though I met a couple vendors I ended up going with, I hated all the spam e-mail and phone calls I received months after the show. It was crowded and not as enjoyable.
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    1) Internet2) 1 year, 1 month3) November 20094) No5) No. I don't have the time or the patience.  I think wedding related vendors/things are way overpriced and generally unnecessary. I'd rather book on my own time.  Plus, not really impressed with wedding things in general.  Can't wait to be married, but the getting married/party planning is not my cup of tea.
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    1) Internet2) 14 months3)  May 20094)  Nope, met them all. Too fishy.5) I attended two.  The big one in Columbus b/c my florist had a booth and she was going to do mock-up's of our flowers and a much smaller one to meet our DJ (we had talked beforehand). I didn't "find" any vendors there though.
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