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For Those Who Used An IPod?

For a long time, I was seriously thinking of having a DJ for our IPod reception. He would be there to announce us and instruct ppl when to eat and advise that they sign the coffee table guest book. I feel that the guests will be lost if there isnt a DJ guiding them. My MOH is a music major at the local college and says she can get one of her friends to do it for $200 (a really good price but FI thinks its an unnecessary expense since we are on a tight budget). I am starting to think we dont need one. I was thinking of having one of my brothers introduce us and set the songs for us (first dance and father daughter) and go from there. And kind of be our own DJ's. It will be a very casual reception and the music will be there for those who want to dance (its is mostly slow romantic songs on our playlist). Anway, to get to my question...for those of you who did or are doing an IPod reception without a DJ, how did/will it turn out? Do you think my ideas are cheesy or wont work out? 
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Re: For Those Who Used An IPod?

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    Cool! We are using an iPod and a friend too. All I wanted was someone to announce the BP, inform folks of what was coming up and tend to the music every once and a while. I am thrilled that other people have done this too, and with good results.
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