Favors, parking, or both?

Our venue has public metered parking.  We can purchase parking passes for our guests but the minimum would be around $500.  I feel silly asking people to pay for parking to come to our wedding BUT if we pay for the passes, our budget doesn't really allow favors as well.  (We are also having an open bar)  So, my questions are: What are your thoughts?  Should we forgo favors and pay for the parking?  Should we get favors and notify everyone of the parking charges? (if they have a smart phone charges can be kept up with through an app so no one will have to leave to feed the meter) Or should we just suck it up and pay for parking AND get favors?  I certainly don't want to inconvenience anyone or come across as "cheap"  (lets face it, nothing about any of this is "cheap" LOL)

Re: Favors, parking, or both?

  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    Another vote to forgo favors and pay for parking.
  • Definitely parking
  • I also agree that it is best to completely nix the favors and pay for the guest's parking. I would rather have my guests not have to pay to park.

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  • Definitely parking!  In the last ten years, I can think of one favor I got that I liked (mini bottle of champagne).  And I always forget to bring cash.  I have the Parkmobile app (that's what we park with here) but still, would rather not have to pay my money to park when I've already traveled there, dressed up, and bought a present.
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    Paying for parking > some rando favor that will just end up at Goodwill or in the trash

  • Another vote for parking.

  • Definitely parking! 
  • Dreamergirl8812Dreamergirl8812 your closet member
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    Parking: 1
    Favors: 0


  • PARKING 100x
  • If you do pay for parking make sure that you somehow communicate that fact to your guests (clearly state that on the invite or wedding website somewhere). I would hate to have paid for parking for my guests to find out they didn't know it was already covered so your payment went to waste AND your guests ended up paying for parking. 
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  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Whatever you do, pay for parking.  If you have to forgo favors to do so, then forgo favors and pay for parking.
  • Thank you all for your responses.  We agree, it just feels weird to ask people to pay for parking. (I personally wouldnt mind if I had to pay but as a host it feels TERRIBLE to ask)  Also, the venue will block off a section of the lot for us if we buy the passes.  if not, its 1st come 1st serve.  If its a great beach day (march in S. Fl is highly likely) I'd hate for someone to be circling the parking lot while we carry on with the ceremony....  tsk tsk tsk.  There isn't a way for anyone to accidentally also pay for parking because they will be directed by security (and also need the pass) to park in the blocked off section.  Thank you all for confirming that our instincts were right.  
  • As a guest I would appreciate not having to pay for parking. Favors are nice but if I don't get a trinket to take home (and probably throw away) I'm not going to care. Or if there isn't some chocolate favor, well I guess I'll just have to make sure I get a piece of cake (or two if there is extra) to satsify my sweet tooth.
  • melbensomelbenso Hoth, apparently member
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    I would rather have free parking than favors any day.  We skipped favors at our wedding, opting to spend the money on upgraded appetizers.  Haven't regretted the choice for a second.
  • Yeah I'll take a pass on favors any day... I spend 2 seconds saying "oh, cute!" and then it ends up in the trash (unless they're edible, in which case it ends up in my belly).

    I honestly can't remember a single favor that I received at any wedding...
  • I would definitely go for the parking and make sure that it's communicated to the guests, favors are nice but as lots of people have said, they usually don't last long.

  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    I likely won't remember what favor I got from your wedding in a year.

    I will certainly remember having to pay for parking at your wedding for many years to come.

    Another vote for parking.
  • I'm usually firmly in the camp of "guests should be expected to pay for their own transportation to your wedding, whether they're flying, driving, or taking public transportation" but in this situation I say you should definitely pay for parking. Even though it will be clear when they arrive, I still think it should be also stated on your website and spread through word of mouth.

    If you REALLY think you need a little something extra on your tables for your guests, what about just buying some wrapped candy (you can likely find some in your wedding colors) to sprinkle around the bases of the centerpieces. Something like Hershey nuggets, or those Dove hearts, etc. 
  • I agree with everyone that says to forego the favors and pay for the parking.  Most of the time your guests don't even remember to take the favors home (guilty myself a million times!).  I agree with MandyMost, if you really want to have a little favor or something, get candy.
  • Pay for the parking and let the guest know that they got covered. 

    Favor are overrated anyway.  
  • I would definitely forgo the favors! I sometimes leave the favors behind too :)
  • Parking for sure.  No one will miss the favors if their parking is paid for!
  • I'm from DC!  Parking!!!!  :)
  • Parking for sure!
    "If you really want something you don’t stop for anyone or anything  until you get it".
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