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Parents gifts

My fiancé and I are paying for our wedding on our own. Nobody from either side of our family is helping. Do we still buy gifts for our parents? I'm only asking because I don't know the etiquette and I don't want to be asked why we got them something even though they didn't help out.

Re: Parents gifts

  • Gifts to parents are completely optional.  For many brides, if they gift their parents, it is not necessarily as a thank you for supporting their wedding financially.  More often than not, the gift to the parent is more representative of the love and support the couple has received throughout their lives.  It is basically a way to say, "Thanks for being a great mom and dad'.

    Including a heartfelt card explaining your sentiment would clarify to them why you got them a gift. Simply giving them a heartfelt card in lieu of any gift would also be a wonderful gesture, and one that most parents would treasure.
    [Deleted User]vmj23
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