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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

~~ Cristin23~~

hi,my names danae' while I was checking out your bio I noticed that you had a custom wedding ring for $300. . . . would you share your knowledge?Thanks a bunch! I've been trying to find a wedding ring to go with my engagement ring and haven't had any luck!

Re: ~~ Cristin23~~

  • My ring was custom made-I'll take pictures later to show you how it fits-but basically the look of it is a "tension" set ring-so a regular band wouldn't work.The reason why I didn't want a real tension set ring (My ring looks similar to this http://tinyurl.com/nxocxq ) is because their only as "stable" as a four prong. Anyway, DH went to a jeweler in town and asked him to make something similar but more stable.Then he ended up making my wedding band (which actually fits under my engagement) It has one diamond-which was actually from my dad's wedding band (he passed away when I was little).Anyway-I guess that's my secret-that and I always try to got to a "mom and pop" store. They usually give you the best deals and treat you amazing.
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