Wedding Planner yes/no?

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Hey ladies, looking for some advice :)

Thinking about hiring a wedding planner. Wasn't sure if it's worth the money in my wedding budget. I was wondering what kind of questions you wish you could have spoken to a wedding planner about? Or things that would have been helpful to know or have assistance with.

Thanks! :)

Re: Wedding Planner yes/no?

  • I'm so sad that no one has responded to this. I have the same question and it's stressing me out a lot. This is a big issue for me as our wedding is in my fiance's hometown, which is about 17 hrs from where we live now.

    Some details:
    - Approximately 60 guests
    - Budget is $8K. Currently, I'm slightly over budget (hence why a planner maybe an issue). I'm accounting for everything from postage to gas for the long drive to our wedding location.
    - Quote ranges I've gotten are $1000+ (for only day of...)
    - General reception style: upscale backyard reception with heavy hors d'oeuvres, beer/wine/signature cocktails and a DJ or MC with iPod play list.

    So, if I don't get a day planner, then who can help me do these things during the big day?
    - keep the bar stocked with ice: we're providing our own bar, but I believe we'll have catering. Can I ask the caterers to keep the ice stocked?
    - decorating prior to the reception
    - food pick up or making sure the caterer can find us (we're in the middle of no where)
    - cake/flower pick ups or again, making sure they can find us
    - assisting with the flow of the day, e.g. while bridal photos are being done, helping coordinating guests to the reception area
    - and I'm sure there are several things I'm not even thinking of...

    Unfortunately, no one has directly stepped up to help me with these tasks. I've had some vague maybes when I've "politely asked." I only have one Bride's Maid, so she can't help too much. I'm 14 months out now. Hopefully by the 12-11 month out time frame, I'll have confirmed help from friends/family. But, what if this doesn't happened? Is it rude to bluntly ask? And, if family/friends aren't interested in helping (so I have to ask), then I can't imagine they'll do a good job...

    I'd love input from anyone with experience: wishing they had a planner, thinking the planner was a waste, or for people that didn't have a planner and it went fine...
  • I think you should atleast have a day of coordinator. Thats what I have! I didn't want to spend a huge amount on a planner. plus im super organized, somewhat a control freak, and big diy planner so I really wanted someone i could with instead of working for me. My planner is a day of coordinator with unlimited emails so we speak all the time. I send her pictures of my ideas and she lets me know what she thinks. It is the best money i have spent so far so I def suggest it. You also dont want to worry about the logistics of your wedding day. let someone handle that.
  • Roughly what is your Day Of charging? I'm not getting a quote less than $1K. My budget is only $8K. It's hard for me to pay someone $1K for day of... :(
  • My day of coordinator is $900.  Is that in budget? She specializes in budget weddings! thatgirl2
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