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I got married a couple of weeks ago in Vegas (I am from Canada)  and now that I am back from the honeymoon I want to wrap things up and send thank you cards.  The only struggle I am having is that many of our guests (all of our friends) did not bring us gifts.  How do I send those friends thank you cards?  What do I thank them for?  Do I even send them one?Thanks,Sasha

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  • You send a thank you note to everyone who attended the wedding, regardless of if they brought a gift or not You thank them for making the trip and being there to celebrate the special occassion  
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  • Agree with pp.... thank them for making the trip to celebrate your wedding.  Also, because it was a destination wedding, maybe some of them will send a gift to avoid having to travel with it.
  • i'd wait a month or so...maybe something will come in the mail. if not, just send thank you for coming.
  • i had mine done online it was a card with a picture of us inside and it saidHappily Ever AfterFebruary 28, 2009This day we thank our family and freinds for celebrating our joy, supporting us and sharing our love, we sincerely thank you for being a part of our special day and making our dreams come true.Love, Mr. &
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  • They probably didn't bring gifts because it was a DW. I would wait a few weeks to see if they mail gifts. I've *heard* that some people don't think you should send TYs to guests who don't bring gifts because it brings attention to the fact that they didn't bring a gift.. I don't know if I agree with that though.I don't know where you are registered, but if it is the Bay or Home Outfitters, I would call the store to make sure that gifts weren't sent to the store. I had some guests buy gifts online - the gifts are delivered to the store, but I didn't get a phone call or anything letting me know they were there. They can be pretty disorganized for such a major store.
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