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So, I have no idea which box the invites are in...

So, FI and are moving, which is a ridiculous thing to do right before a wedding that involves a trip around the world, but I guess we're sort of ridiculous people.  

I sent out all but one of the invitations several weeks ago, but I was waiting on one friend for address confirmation.  Long story short, she's been in a black hole, and only just got back to me.  I'm super relieved that she's getting out of it, but now, I have no bloody idea which box I put her invite in.  In my packing rampage I accidentally put it away.  Do I unpack four potential boxes it might be in, or send her a handwritten note?  A mutual friend says a note is fine, but I feel kind of bad about it, but the potentially invite containing boxes are sort of buried underneath a ton of other boxes.  

Any suggestions?  I'll make a decision in the morning.

Thanks! x

Re: So, I have no idea which box the invites are in...

  • A handwritten note with an explanation is a perfectly acceptable way of inviting your friend.
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    A handwritten note that contains all necessary information would be perfectly okay.  Heck, I would write up the note and mail it then give the friend a call and have a good laugh about the situation.  I am sure she will understand why you weren't able to send the actual invite.

  • Thank you ladies!  My friend knows that she's invited, and the date, just not the specifics.  I'm know she'll understand the moving issue.  x
  • I think a handwritten note would be lovely! Like Maggie said, your friend will understand and it's something you can both laugh about. :)
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    Pre-printed or engraved invitations are merely a substitute for hand-written ones. It is the latter which is most proper, and thus one need make no excuses whatsoever for sending one.

    Keep in mind that the wording and format doesn't change just because it's hand-written. If your invitations are informal ("Hey! Come to our wedding! Here's where it is!"), then you may write a similarly informal invitation to your friend. But if your invitations followed traditional wording ("The pleasure of your company is requested at the wedding of...") on formal paper, then your hand-written invitation should follow suit, complete with line breaks.

    Powers  &8^]

  • Thank you @Ltpowers.  I've never received a hand written invitation.  Well, I sent it to my friend as part of a letter to her, as there were a couple of other things I wanted to say.  I know my friend is very casual, so she won't mind.  She's known for several months that she was invited, and when everything was, so I figured it's more of a formality than anything else.  It's definitely useful to know in the contingency that I have a friend who's stupid enough to plan a cross country move three weeks before their wedding.
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    Etiquette-wise, a handwritten note is fine.  But the missing invitation would bother me.  If I knew it was only in one of 4 boxes, I'd definitely look for it.
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