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Is this unprofessional??

My photographer asked me to post a review on a local website so I did this and then he emailed me back asking why I only gave him 2.5 our of 5 stars for quality. He said, "Only 2.5 come on now your killing me here but it's ok i'll forgive you." That stricks me as very unprofessional, is it?? Or I am i just overreacting??

Re: Is this unprofessional??

  • so when he asked you to write a review, what he was really asking is, "please lie about me". he wanted you to post about how woooonderful he is.guess he shoulda done a better job then.
  • Not related to the topic (and I may have said this before) but I really love your dress.  What is it?
  • My dress is allure bridal style #8634
  • I'm finding it unprofessional that he can't spell the word "you're" properly. And, yes, I also find it quite unprofessional to ask you to review his work and then for him to whine about it. Weirdo. Once you get your pics back from him I'd limit contact with him from then on (maybe get an album done someplace else).
  • Yes, it is unprofessional to ask you for a review and then expect you to be less than honest.  Did you already get all your photos from him?Also if you are concerned they are a little amateurish, I took a look at them. They are not that bad. It isn't anything that a good photoshop person could not retouch.Photos look a little too reddish/yellow because you have a lot of orange and yellow in the background.  That sometimes happens with certain venues and the way the camera interprets the ambient light. He should have used a cooling filter on his lens when he took the pictures.  But again, you can easily take these pictures to a photoshop geek or the local school that teaches graphic design and ask them to retouch them for you.A lot of new photographers don't have the photo tweaking software when they start out to properly manipulate digital imagery. The industry standard software is super expensive.
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