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How will this be percieved?


Re: How will this be percieved?

  • It a solution to an issue, and those never seem weird unless needlessly complex or obtuse. It would be weird if you decided to change your name to "Starscream" and your fiancee's to "Megatron." In that case, you would just be doing something for the sake of doing it, and people would correctly see it as a gimmick, and we all know that gimmicks are for things that aren't sufficiently interesting to do without said gimmick.
  • We're both taking the last name I had before I was adopted. Neither of us like those that our last name connects us to, so we're ridding ourselves of them both. 
  • I like that idea! My FI suggested it, but I nixed it because then my name would be entirely too long as I already have 2 middle names, and one is actually my mom's last it would sound like I had 3 last names!!
  • I tried to convince my FI to combine our last names... if we combine it just right it'd be Beverly. He didn't see the humor in it lol.

    A friend of mine got married to a man who'd been "daddy" to her daughter since she was a year-ish. When they got married he changed his last name to his wife's so he'd have the same name as her daughter. The daughter was 6 when they got married and she was super happy that "daddy and me have the same name!" He ended up officially adopting her later on.

    Everyone has their own reasons. If you and your FI are happy with the decision then it shouldn't matter to anyone else.
  • dvdplayer said:
    Both my groom and I are changing our name.  We are both going to hyphenate the name.  Will people think that's weird? 
    In this day and age, maybe the hard core traditionalists, but most people really will not care and who cares what they think. They don't pay your bills anyways.  If that is what you both want, I say go for it! 
  • I'm traditional, and I don't think it is weird at all.  British people have been doing it for centuries:  Mr. John Heatherington-Smyth?
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