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Hello 2016 Brides! Let's Talk WEATHER

Hello all, and CONGRATS on your engagement! I am having a huge dilemma that I don't want to bug my facebook friends with, but I'm sure yall engaged ladies won't mind helping with. I have chosen a venue what is covered, but no a/c. It does have doors that open and allow a breeze to flow through (if there is one) I am thinking of doing June 4, but I'm so afraid it's going to be too hot! What do yall think? Is June too late in the season in Charleston to have an a/c-free wedding with the dancing and outdoor ceremony? My fiance's father in particular gets hot VERY easily, and I don't want him to be uncomfortable. If we decide against June, April will be our second option My main reason for choosing June instead of April is that the venue is $650 less in June, and I am very limited on my budget. Let me hear your opinions!!
Thank yall.

Re: Hello 2016 Brides! Let's Talk WEATHER

  • I would think that it may be too hot in June especially with people dancing and stuff.   
  • Do you live here, or did you have a wedding in Charleston? Just curious :]
  • Hi! Posting from up the interstate a bit, but close enough-ish to Charleston (and a frequent visitor)! I think June 4 could be entirely too hot for any sort of outdoor venue. Especially seeing as I've been in Charleston in late September and still been sweating. I feel like you're better off in April, but then you're risking rain.

    When I first started planning, I really wanted an outdoor venue in Athens, GA (a few hours down the road) until I realized that not only my guests, but I would have sweat running down my legs. There are plenty of beautiful indoor venues. ESPECIALLY in Charleston!

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  • No I'm not in Charleston...I'm actually in PA. I have friends that lived there previously. I know that in PA it can get quite warm in June. I've wanted an outside wedding, but changed my mind due to not knowing what the weather is going to be like.
  • Not from the area, and where I'm from (Seattle) June is rarely too hot so I can't relate there. But, would you be able to bring your own portable AC unit to the venue? I know you said it's covered, but I'm not sure if your exact location has electric or not. Just an idea. :)
  • If the whole wedding is AC free, I might reconsider.  I know SC can get hot, even starting in April. If you just had an outdoor ceremony and an air-conditioned reception, that would be more comfortable for guests. It doesn't sound like an option though, so I'd reconsider the date if you're totally set on this venue. 

    We're getting married in Florida in June. I don't really have a choice since I'm a teacher and I'm kind of limited on breaks. We're doing an outdoor evening ceremony by the water, but it'll be relatively short with an air-conditioned reception room. 

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  • What's your time? I'm up in NC, which isn't as hot, but it can get quite uncomfortable even by the end of May. If you have a later wedding, and the dancing doesn't start til after sundown, you might be okay, depending on the area. Even with open windows/doors, the heat would probably get trapped, though, and if you're in the city proper it would probably be worse, so make fans a priority in the budget. And if your guests are mostly from PA, keep in mind they're not going to be used to the heat, either, and will fade faster.
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    I'm in Chicago, and June 4 is still sweater weather for us. Last year, we still had snow on the ground from the horrible winter at the beginning of June, so I guess it differs. You can see how the weather feels this year to get a sense of the weather possible for next year. 
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