Sola Bouquet--Small and simple

So after much debate on the type of flowers I want to go with (I LOVE flowers but also have horrific allergies) I think I have decided on sola flowers.
But I really want the bouquets to be SMALL (like 5 flowers per bridesmaid and 10 or so for me) and very simple.
Do you think this will look ok and work? Does anyone have any examples of small bouquets or simple sola bouquets?
The wedding is on a farm and very rustic yet chic. I have found sola flowers already on wire from

Re: Sola Bouquet--Small and simple

  • Are you wanting to make them yourself? If so, be prepared for a lot of time being consumed and possible trial and error...especially if you want to dye them. I'm making my own bouquet and ordered them from save on crafts along with a ton of floral wire. It is very hard to get the floral wire to the flower but and make it stay (lots of hot glue and burnt fingers). You also want to make sure to over buy the flowers just in case some show up broken (which a few have) and they also are very, very, VERY delicate and break when being handled. 

    I think you could make a beautiful bouquet with the amount you have in mind although it wouldn't really be all that small with the 5 flowers since they are about two to three inches in diameter. You will also have to purchase a filler to make the bouquet take on a good shape.

    If you don't, you'll have bulky flower buds and tiny wires to grip. Plus, since they are fragile, even when I am hold ten, they feel so delicate that I hold my breath should anyone come near it. 

    My advice, do a ton of research in flower arranging especially sola or preserved flowers. Watch youtube tutorials and google: DIY sola flower bouquet. 
  • I bought sola flower bouquets off Etsy for my rehearsal. There are a couple of sellers that will custom make bouquets for you in your colors, etc. I have heard that DIY-ing them is extensive with the dyeing and what not. 
  • I ordered Sola flowers from Etsy. I also didn't want a super big bouquet so I got a medium; my designee makes a small bouquet as well. Prices seem reasonable, she does all the dye work and assembly. Seems with the money to me. PM me if you want her shop name / info.
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