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Not thrilled with my dress

I picked up my dress last week and I don't know. I guess I expected to be a lot more excited about it and I'm a bit disappointed. I'm sure some alterations will make the fit a bit better and some steam cleaning will smooth out the wrinkles but I'm just not thrilled. How do I get past this?
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Re: Not thrilled with my dress

  • I think about a quarter of the posts here about dress regret. The best way to get past it is to remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. How you felt, how much you liked it, how you loved how it looked on you.... And to stop looking at other dresses. Once you've picked, just stop. Otherwise, you'll end up being unhappy with your choice. 

    If you truly end up disliking it, you can always try to sell it (unaltered is easier to sell) and buy something else.

  • WhatawagSBNyWhatawagSBNy member
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    Post a picture. Sometimes people ask questions that clarify in your mind exactly what you wish were different. Or they suggest simple accessories or alterations you would not have thought of.

    And sometimes it is like depress, low level stress over wedding planning that is giving you a slightly bad feeling about things. The best solution to that is to put it away, take some time off from wedding planning. Do what you would have done before wedding, movies or trips where the wedding is off limits in conversations.

    ETA. Cannot correct on mobile, depress meant to be depression.
  • I think it's super common for brides to feel a little bit disappointed in their dress (there have been tons of posts on here about that exact issue). I wasn't too thrilled with mine, either. In fact, when it came in I almost cried I felt so bad about it, and I considered trying to buy a different one. 

    southernbelle0915 suggested above. I thought about all the things I loved about the dress, how awesome it made me feel when I picked it, why I picked it instead of any others, and how great I looked in it. Then I fell back in love with it. 

    Realistically, it will look and feel better after alterations, when it fits perfect. It will look and feel better when the wrinkles are steamed out. And when it's put together with all the accessories and hair and make-up, it will be amazing! Think about that. 

    I think there's so much stupid pressure on brides to pick THAT ONE PERFECT DRESS that it sets up totally unrealistic expectations, and inevitably sets us up to feel disappointment/regret/doubt/or something negative at some point. I'd bet that dress looks great on you, and I'd also bet that it's a beautiful dress. If it fits you, looks great on you, and is beatiful, then it IS the perfect dress. 
  • novella1186. Is so right about how many people feel this way, then fall in love all over again as alterations show it off on you to best advantage.
  • Thank you. I think you're all right regarding the unrealistic expectations to "say yes" and remembering what I love. The skirt is still my favorite thing about it and I'm going to keep that at the forefront
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  • climbingwifeclimbingwife NYC 'burbs member
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    I experienced this too. When I told my best friend, she reminded me of how happy I was when I decided on the dress, and that I obviously picked it out for a reason. She was right. I focused on that, and then once the alterations were done, I loved it again. 

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