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  • Not worried so much about having an "even" bridal party, and only asked the 2 people I truly wanted as bridesmaids
  • If you're working with a tight budget, ditto pp's on:* Limo is unnecessary* Bathroom baskets are unnecessary* Favors can be something as small as making your favorite family recipe cookie (which is what we did and it was a hit!)* spend the money on your photog and food.  In the end, you will have your photos to remember your day and your guests will remember the event by if the food was good or not* Do an off season wedding or a Friday/Sunday one.  Saturdays are always more expensive* If you decide to have it somewhere like a park or home, don't forget you have to add the costs for rentals of tent, tables, chairs, linens, etc.  Sometimes it can be more expensive in the long run and more stressful, too.* Choose flowers that are in season and be flexible with what you want to meet your budget.* Don't buy cake cutters, flutes, etc.  The only reason we had them is because someone bought us some for a shower gift.  But if they hadn't, no one would have noticed that we didn't have them.* Not a budget question, but I went to a wedding where the dancing was in a different room from where guests ate.  I hated having to sit down, get up, sit down, get up and run back and forth for all the special dances.  * Head tables can make your bridal party uncomfortable if their dates are sitting elsewhere.  I was in a wedding and my husband had to sit with a table of guys he didn't know beforehand.   Consider the comfort of your friends! * DIY invites, programs, place cards can save you tons of money and still look super cute!!!I would change: * Sending save the dates to everyone.  We would have shaved off a few guests if we hadn't already sent them save the dates
  • wedding is still a long way away but I wish I would have tried on more than one dress. I went to the store looking for a dress that I said was my dress and now that I see some other peoples dresses I wish I would have tried more and had more than my mom with me. Also we are using these two wine glasses from my mother in law they are red with clear steams so kinda red and white which are our wedding colors.
  • Our reception went exactly how we had hoped so I will share what the hits were and how we saved money. We made a lot of the key items for our wedding (wedding dress, groom's vest, centerpieces, programs etc). We saved a lot of money by ordering wholesale flowers from for the centerpieces. We felt that our expensive DJ and his photobooth were well worth the cost - we got rave reviews from guests. We had our dinner served family style which guests seemed to enjoy (it gave them the option to sample more items) and was cheaper than a served dinner. We also had a candy bar (we purchased all of our candy jars from Michaels with forty % of coupons). We purchased bulk candy at sam's club. We were able to save on photography as a friend took our photos which also helped. I would cut the bathroom baskets, the Out Of Town bags and favors for guests if I had to skrimp. I also would not have bought so much candy - HTH.
  • Mine is planned for mid-october. we have kept it pretty stress free by keeping our guest list small (we only invited immediate family and then our best friends b/c they are our BM and MOH) and to keep our budget down we are doing BYOB...our family has a lot of heavy drinkers so we knew we couldnt afford to supply the alcohol for everyone! we have done as much DIY as possible (i.e invitations rsvp cards) it saved alot of money and only took us about an hour to complete (designing, printing, and adressing) we had a very small budget and we dont feel like we are having to really loose any of the important things, but we made a list of things at the beginning that were "MUST HAVES" so that we didnt feel cheated and we built the budget around those things
  • Thank you for the great replies!! They have helped so much!! Congrats to everyone who is married, and good luck to everyone who will be!! Thanks again!!
  • I would have done a real father daughter planned out and announced my the dj instead of just doing an impromptu one! that's my only real regret....everything else went just about perfect!
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  • i would have had a wedding planner...i was so busy with all the questions that caterers, photographers, emcees, and everyone else needed to ask me all at the exact same time
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  • Things I Regret: 1. buying monogrammed toasting glasses - we didn't even use them during the speeches. 2. getting so much food - I was really worried about running out of food, so we got extra, then had 50 people who RSVP'ed yes NOT show up (I posted about this on P&E), so we wasted ALOT of money. 3. not having the whole thing at a venue that did all set up and clean up for you, yet still allowed you use your own caterer - I thought it was too far for guests to drive home after drinking, but the DIY placed we rented for 1/3 the cost was so stressful having to get ready and clean up. It wasn't worth the savings. Things I Am Glad I Did: 1. got the best photographer I could 2. bought the dress I wanted, despite the price - I felt hotter than I ever have, people are still talking about how beautiful the dress was. 3. not spending much money on flowers 4. getting brown tablecloths - then the brown, metal folding chairs matched and looked fine. :-) 5. taking a sleeping pill the night before! Overall my wedding was great, and I refused to stress over anything that day. It was fun and over too fast.
  • Forgot to add that I regret not letting the alterationist take in my strapless dress as much as she wanted. It seemed way too tight at the fitting, but then I spent the whole night pulling it up. Which I hate it when other girls do that! Listen to the alterationist - they have experience!
  • Im not married yet but can tell you already, I wish I would have waited at least a couple months to choose our bridal party. I was so excited at first and so was FI that we sort of asked the first people we talked to. Our venue isn't quite big enough for the number of people we chose and we've realized we're not really close enough to a couple of them.
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