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Has anyone used the name change site?  I am slightly worried about giving all that information out, but it says it is a secure website.  It seems like it will save soo much time!  Just wanted to hear from anyone who has had good or bad things to say about it!  I am all ears!Thanks!  Lindsay

Re: name change

  • I have not used it (yet!) but I am definitely planning on it!! I have heard nothing but great things about it! I understand why you'd be nervous, but I really have heard good things about it. Have you tried to read any reviews about it?? Maybe try to google reviews or something :)GOOD LUCK!!!
  • you do realize that you can do all this for free and even if you use them you still have to actually go to the social security office and dps?
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  • changing your name is VERY easy.  take a day off work and hit up the social security office, BMV and your bank.  Almost everything else can be done online.
  • Why waste your money on this "kit" when you don't need to?  You can pull up a list of all the places you need to change it at, for free.  Like everyone else said, go to the SS office and DMV, and then just take you time with everything and phone calls.
  • You don't need to pay for this.  As pps said, after SS and DMV, it's all easy.  Carry a certified copy of your marriage certificate for a while in case you need it ($1.25 at the county clerk).  I created a form letter to send to various accounts that I couldn't change online, and have had no trouble changing anything.  HR took care of the 401K, health insurance, etc. 
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  • you don't need it, honestly. I had to change everything right down to my passport and bank accounts...just give them a copy of your license and name change form. voila.
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