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Wedding day kits...

I am planning on putting together totes for the BM's and myself with little extras that may be needed on the wedding day (nail file, safety pins, etc.). Does anyone have any suggestions on things that they needed/wanted on their wedding day? Thanks!

Re: Wedding day kits...

  • I dragged a ton of stuff with me, but the wedding day was so hectic that we didn't use most of it lol.  Things that I know we needed/used: - A pair of back-up shoes for our sore feet (I was so glad that I remembered to bring some flip flops to the reception)- Drinks with straws to avoid messing up lipstick... When I went to Total Wine, I saw that they had champagne in a can with straws already attached.  Talk about convenient even though it didn't taste very good (surprising right? haha).  There are pictures of it under details in my married bio.  At my friend's wedding, she bought supplies to make mimosas.  Obviously you want to make sure you have some water on hand too.  - Plenty of napkins and stuff to clean up spills.  Tide and Bleach pens or shout wipes just in case someone spills something on their clothes.- Food/snacks that can be eaten without a fork.  My bridesmaids and I got ready in a small hotel room so there wasn't enough space to actually sit down and eat with utensils... lol.  - A full-length mirror so we could actually see ourselves all prettied up (our hotel didn't have one).  - A small sewing kit to fix rips or tears. That's about it for me.  I can't think of anything else that was necessary other than the usual things like the dress, veil, deoderant, etc.   
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  • I have a list of the things in my "emergency kit" in my bio if that helps!
  • Based on what we needed I would bring:*Safety pins (very needed when my bustle broke, and my dress was chiffon!  Super lightweight and it still broke!)*tide pen or shout wipes*breath mints...seriously....*wet wipes*nail file*extra bobby pins and hair ties etc*band-aids for blisters and extra shoes
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  • I haven't got mine together yet, but I am planning on bringing Tylenol or Advil in case someone gets a headache. Also, you might want to get those oil blotting sheets they sell at Target to combat shiny skin. And I'm also bringing mints and gum so The Kiss will be refreshing. =)
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