Salem, MA Brides

Anyone get married in Salem in October? Share the details. Looking for vendors in this area

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    Just saw a post from my photographer with pictures of a wedding in Salem (not me in the pics, obviously).
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    We were planning on getting married in Peabody but have decided on a different venue. We were going to use Cloverleaf Catering - their prices were very affordable (in my opinion)


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    My fiance is a DJ and used to live in Salem.  He does not work for a company so his prices are half those of other DJ's that do work for entertainment companies.  I would look at and contact him for prices.  Also, he runs Salem Pedicab which is huge in October.  I've seen a few weddings where they have hired his pedicabs to take various guests from the ceremony to reception (provided it's in the same area).  It's fun and they love it because it's so unique.  You can think of that too (if it doesn't rain of course). 
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    We got married in Peabody, MA (not far from Salem).
    Our Vendors were great! They were all close to the Gloucester Beverly Peabody area
    They all knew each other and were all fun to work with and all were recommended by our venue as well.  :) Kim

    Photographer: David Volkmann (

    Caterer: Vinwood Caterers (

    Dee Jay:  Rick Bellanti, also did our outside ceremony too (

    JP: Rick Burtt (
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