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David's Bridal and dye lots

Hello, I've read a lot of conflicting answers about this topic: I have two bridesmaids in PA, one in Florida, and one in New Jersey. One wants to order her dress right away, one wants to wait. The dress one of them likes looks like it's going to be discontinued (it's on markdown). I know I wouldn't like a major variation in color between the dresses. I've read that it doesn't apply to such a large company like David's Bridal and everything is computerized now so the whole dye lot thing is a thing of the past. Can I get some current opinions from people who have experience in a situation similar to this? Ordering at once would be another hassle... trying to see which route is best. Much appreciated. (if anyone has pictures of variations of colors they received, I'd like to see).

Re: David's Bridal and dye lots

  • If you use a place like David's Bridal, you shouldn't have to worry about the dye lots.  The last wedding I was in, we ordered from DB and at all different times, some online, some right from the store.  All the dresses were identical.  The only problem is that if you order online, there are times that the dress will be unavailable in the size you want, but they usually restock.  You can order in store with no problem of that, but you have to wait until it's available.  I would avoid any markdown dresses unless you don't mind that the dresses don't match.  Also, they have discounts every once in a while so I would have your girls take advantage of that (if you go with David's) 

    If you get your dress from a small store (not a chain) you should order all of the dresses at the same time because you will want them to be from the same dye lot.
  • You can buy from any store to match.

    They are low end next to some designers, but they are a big company and control the production of every maker they use.

    You order a dress, the dress comes from a regional distributor's warehouse where dresses made in different factories at different times maybe months or years apart are stored. Buy in the store or order a dress, 8 dresses may all be from different dye lots.
    Now and then a dress does not quite match all of the others because something went wrong with the machines, and no one caught it.

    My sister's bridesmaids had that happen, one dress was more green than the other blue green ones. They had a new one sent from the warehouse in 2 days. When she and bm went to pick it up, the odd dress, quite pretty still, was thirty percent off on a rack labeled One of a kind, last of this model sales rack.
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