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Hi everyone- I'm new here with a questions about photographers. How do you choose your photographer? Do you interview them in person? Over the phone? Do you just search Yelp reviews? I've started by looking at Yelp reviews in the bay area, but they're all really good- how do I even begin to make a decision? I don't want to waste a lot of time, either by meeting so many different people! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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    This was a hard thing for me to pick. I had started looking and getting quotes from photographers and than at a bridal fair I bought an "engagement photo package" because it was a good deal. Figured I would let him take the pictures and if I liked him would book (thought he was a little high with the pricing). Jack put us at ease and we had a blast with the photo shoot....within 3 days I had 5 photos to look at. We had coffee with him and saw more of his work....I fell in love and we booked him that night.

    It really is a gut decision. I knew that photos were an important thing for me. Here is the link to his website: He has a facebook page too. 

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  • I got a list from my venue as to who they recommended--I figured I wanted someone who was familiar with the site and would work well with our coordinator.  I narrowed down to a top 3 based off website and coordinator recommendation. I happened to meet them at a bridal faire.  From there I knocked out one because they were really cocky and not personal at all.  I went with #2--liked their quote and loved the photographer when my husband and I met him (few weeks after the bridal fair).  He was able to create a picture in our mind of exactly how our day was going to go and I could tell we were in good hands.  He by far surpassed our expectations day of too! 

    I personally gave much more thought into the Photographer since the product was something I plan on having forever.  It was important to find someone who I was going to work well with and could deliver great photo's (and at a reasonable price).  You are going to come across a lot of great websites and a lot of great photographers, but find the one that you mesh with!  It will be worth it in the end. 

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