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I rarely, if ever, vent about work stuff but HERE WE GO....

I work in higher ed and my school is rolling out a vastly revised curriculum for a several programs. There's a lot of paperwork on the back end with the federal department of education.  The paperwork falls to me. 

So I got this template from the department that processes such things, and the form didn't look exactly right to me. So I questioned the woman that sent me the template: "Hey, this page doesn't seem to exactly apply to my school, but I have to fill out 14 of these. I just want to check that this IS the right form because if I have to do 14 of them and then redo 14 of them I will cry."
The woman said yes, it's the right form. This was yesterday.

Today? I come in? Check my e-mail? A message from her to all the different schools' leaders, "New form with clearer instructions and blah blah blah."

AUUUGHHHHH.  I did 11 forms yesterday. Most of the information is the same but not all of it. I spend 5 hours on this crap yesterday.


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