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6 MONTHS OUT - Where is everyone at with planning?

6 months, 3 weeks away for us (8/21/2015) - where is every at with their planning? What do you have left?

Biggies for us are FI's attire, our wedding bands, writing our ceremony/vows and deciding on ceremony music, making playlist for reception dinner, booking travel/ lodging for wedding (OOT) & honeymoon, ordering invites, and figuring out my plan for hair/make-up/shoes....

Venues, food, baker, florist, photographer, wedding gown/jewelry/veil, hotel block for guests = done and STDs are out.

I have an constantly revolving to-do list and I feel like I am on staying on track and keeping the stress at bay!

Re: 6 MONTHS OUT - Where is everyone at with planning?

  • I am right there with you! My wedding date is 8/22/15 and FI is in charge of the DJ- which means that it's not booked yet and it's starting to make me crazy. 

    I still have bridesmaid dresses, FI suit/groomsmens suits, picking an officiant, writing the ceremony, flowers. picking invitations, tastings, and of course programs etc etc.

    Has anyone else started having wedding anxiety dreams? I am having this reoccurring dream that the wedding is today and we haven't finalized the details- everyone shows up and there are no flowers, no one to marry us, the venue isn't expecting us. It's making me a bit anxious!
  • August 7th!! Have venue, Dj,photographer, Officiant, ceremony written, reception timeline and music picked, STDs ordered!! We are ordering brides maid dresses this month. We ameeting with caterer, florist, and baker this weekend!! Guy attire, invitations, and of course wedding bands! After that I think it's just small stuff :) I have dreams all the time like that!!! I had a dream the other night I forgot to pick up my dress and they were closed so I couldn't get it. It was horrible,,
  • August 1! 

    I have the venue (catering included because it's a restaurant), cake ordered, officiant, musician, STDs and Invitations currently being designed by the Stationary place (not sure what people who do this are called?), guest list complete, florist, hair/makeup booked, photographer, dress ordered.

    We need to finalize and purchase FI's attire.  We have asked our bridal party and will be asking them to pick their own attire within a certain color scheme, so need to make sure they do that.  Need to write the ceremony, finalize any music that we want to specify to our musician, finalize our menu, etc.  It's all smaller stuff from here so I'm actually not super stressed - though I have a wedding planner, so I guess that makes everything much easier!

  • Seems like we are all in a good place.

    At this point, I am mostly excited for wedding band shopping - FI wants me to pick his out and 'surprise' him with it - although he did show my some pics and give a few guidelines. So that should be fun. And of course I am SO excited for my dress to come in - I want to try on a dress that isn't multiple sizes too big for me!! :)

  • Oh yall I am so behind, but oddly not that stressed! we have a venue, doing save the date emails, maybe found a dress and my dads doing the ceremony. I need to find a dj and finalize a caterer, but I have meetings set up for when I go home to Virginia next weekend. I live in NY so I'm trying to plan from a distance. We're getting snow this weekend so I'm planning to stay in and wedding plan! My biggest issue now is a color scheme.
  • Hey we are all in the same boat!! haha August 8th. I picked a venue (ceremony & reception at same place), photographer, bought my dress, chose bridesmaids & bought their bouquets, chose save the dates and invitations.
    Still need officiant, DJ, my bouquet and decorate flowers, need to actually send save the dates, finalize my decision for bridesmaids dress by the end of the month, FI needs to choose his groomsmen, and I need to figure out how this outside ceremony will go! We will get there 
  • OH yes I also need to finalize hair/make up and my guest list! Guest list cuts are not fun :(
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    August 29 for us. It's coming up quick!

    • Reception venue
    • Church
    • Dress
    • BM dresses
    • Florist
    • Hair/Makeup
    • Hotel Block
    • Photographer 
    • Guest Transportation
    • Sending STDs later today for family and my friends
    • Pre-nuptial investigation (catholic church requirement)

    To do:
    • Limo
    • DJ
    • Cake
    • Menu for reception (venue provides food, we just need to decide what to serve)
    • FI's friends need their STDs printed (I'll do that this weekend)
    • Parent's friends need their guestlist finalized and STDs printed (will be done this weekend as well)
    • Groomsmen attire--FI said he'd handle that in May. They'll be in tuxes, but details need to be ironed out. 
    • Pre-Cana (premaritial) classes. Catholic requirement as well. We start these Feb 26.
    • Ceremony planning. We'll start this May/June. 
    • Veil/hair piece
    • Shoes
  • August 9th for us. We're at that six month mark... yikes!

    Done: venue, flowers, finalized guest list (A list and B list!), DJ, wedding dress, tuxedos for groom and groomsmen, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, photographer, officiant (a friend of ours is marrying us), save the dates, invitations (chosen and purchased!), wedding Godparents chosen and asked (Filipino tradition) and wedding favors (my fiancé's aunt is making them for us)

    To do: hair & make-up trial, cake (consult and tasting next week!), ceremony planning, and transportation
    Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • Aug 8 2015! 

    We have: sent out save the dates, set up wedding website, venue (ceremony and reception same place), photographer, videographer, DJ, hotels blocked off, wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses, favours, programs, wedding bands, officiant, hair & make up planned and trial booked, ordered invitations, registries completed,ceremony music, caterer, ordered tent (tables, chairs, etc),gifts for bridesmaids, gave BMs lists for shower & bachelorette, 

    To do: Groom and guys attire, hire a band, transportation for guests, florist consultation, buy alcohol, shoes, figure out rehearsal dinner, finalize menu, dance lessons, get crafting for decorations, finalize ceremony vows, jewellery for wedding day.

  • Just to make everyone feel better:

    We haven't even formally begun.  Yet to announce the engagement.

    I've informally hashed out an estimated budget, worked out food/music/wedding colors&decor/a dress/wedding bands/guest list.  Need a venue, photographer, and contracts set in stone.

    It's a small wedding so it can be done...but man it's a lot to do.
  • That makes me feel better! We got engaged in December, so our timeline is tighter than other people on this board, but I was starting to feel like I was soooo far behind!
  • August 1 2015!

    We got engaged in October and I have been planning like a crazy person!!
    We have venue, we have officiant, we have dj, and caterer. And all bridesmaids have ordered their dresses, I have mine too. FI needs to get n the ball with his and groomsmen attire though. Save the Dates are sent and invitations are ordered and waiting to be filled and sent. I have plans for church decor and reception decor and photographer is booked. I feel like I'm getting caught up on small details though. I don't have a concrete plan for the ceremony, I'm blocked on the processional music for me and the bridesmaids, for some reason i can;t seem to wrap my head around how to do the processional, it's crazy. I'm not super stressed, but I keep feeling like I'm going to miss something important!!!
  • Having a DIY wedding on my fiance's dairy farm on 8/8, so feeling pretty good with my planning..but gotta keep at it. We're going to a cake tasting this week! 

    Some of the big stuff I have left to book is a florist and a baker. We also need to rent tables/chairs and linens. We are close to finalizing tuxedos, just trying to find the cheapest place to rent. My girls are getting their dresses at the end of march! I booked my honeymoon to Prince Edward Island as well! I Finalized my invitations, just need to order them. 

    I have a lot of small details to work out with decorating a barn and the landscape, but with 3 feet of snow I am not feeling inspired yet. Plus, I am holding off on the decor in case I change my mind. 
  • We are August 2. So we are closer to 5 months out. Save the dates were sent Jan 3, I just picked up our invitations (those will be sent out April 1), all vendors have been booked, dress and tuxedo have been purchased, all fitting and hair/makeup appointments have been made, a block of rooms have been booked and are being reserved fast, all honeymoon details have been reserved and paid for and now its just the waiting game. Oh. Also all vendors have been paid in full.
  • Aug. 22. 

    Finished all the big vendors: venue, ceremony, food, rabbi, dj, florist, coordinator, dress, tux, bridesmaid dresses, ceremony musicians, photographer, videographer, save the dates, I'm sure I'm missing some. 

    Next on to the rehearsal dinner and invitations. 
  • Just under 5 months! {August 1st} and we are so on the ball!

    Invites in process; venue done; dj done; dress done; judge done {pretty much - in laws asking and we'll have one, just not sure which of 2 options}; cupcakes done; photographer done; centerpieces HALF DONE

    plus we know when we're getting other stuff. YAY EVERYONE!
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    We're Aug 22 2015

    Things done:
    -Venue (includes ceremony, catering, etc.) booked.
    - DJ, cake, photographer are booked.
    - STDs are out
    - Wedding website is up
    - We had our engagement photos taken already.
    - Accommodations for us are booked.
    - My MOH has her dress, 3/4 groomsmen have their suits.
    - We're buying flowers wholesale and setting my aunt and SIL loose on them, which has already been arranged.
    - My dress is purchased, and is currently sent out for dry cleaning (it was a sample).

    Things to do:
    - Get my dress back from the dry cleaners. They quoted me a freaking month and a half just to do a basic clean of the thing!
    - Invitations. My bridesmaid offered to design them for me, so I just need to finalize the schedule/time and wording, then once she's done I can order them from Vistaprint.
    - Finalize our menu/wine choices with the venue.
    - Get remaining 3 Bridesmaid dresses.
    - Best Man still needs his suit, although he is trying to lose weight so he's holding off on that for now.
    - Fiance still needs a suit. See above.
    - Need to pick music and all that. We also haven't sorted out how we're getting music to the ceremony location, since it's outdoors with no plugs.
    - Need to finalize / purchase decorations stuff. There are probably 109 DIY projects that fit into this.
    - Figure out what we want for a guest book.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting something... Aaaargh. What am I forgetting?
  • @aussiecat42

    A few things on my mind currently that I don't see on your list: wedding bands, officiant (included with venue/ceremony, perhaps?), shoes/veil/jewelry any other accessories for you, makeup/ hair...

    Hmm, now what are we BOTH forgetting?

  • Update!

    Our date is officially August 2.  Venue is secure, informal STD is out there (verbal), dress is purchased and wedding party is currently shopping around for their clothing.  Colors, decor, and overall theme decided.  

    This weekend, I intend to finalize the guest list and plan where at the venue the ceremony and reception will take place.  One of my bridesmaids is working with me to make cute, custom invitations so that's in the works.

    I have a conversation open with a caterer/pastry chef/justice of the peace (family friend I've known since elementary--apparently there is nothing this woman doesn't do!) so that's all in one place which streamlines the process.

    FI and I are butting heads over the music--he wants live, which maybe we can swing, but cost and venue space are an issue.  Music means more to him than me though so I'll do the best I can to get him what he wants. 

    Browsing wedding bands for purchase right now; I've found some cute budget-friendly ones for us!  He needs to pick one that he likes soon though; he keeps waffling on it.  I'd like to have those selected and purchased and stashed safely by the end of this month, end of April at latest.  I'm working with a friend who cosplays/crafts as a hobby and a partial living to put together the wedding flowers (silk, not real, so I can start making those pieces now).  Want to order the materials by the end of April and have things made by June 1.  (Including centerpieces etc which I will figure out once I decide the number of tables.)

    My maid of honor (sister) is getting in touch with local salons about hair, since that's one thing I have never successfully DIY'd.  Ever.  Make-up is up in the air...if I'm just worried about me, then I will do my own make-up.  But my bridal party never wears make-up (literally) and I mean they're all adorable and photogenic without it but I think they want at least a little bit.  Not sure if I should just hire someone for the four of us in that case.

    FI is dealing with his clothing and his BM's clothing.  Fairly casual: white suit.  Probably a pink shirt or tie for FI and a different pastel for the BM (lavender, likely--that's MoH's color).  I'm not going to stress their appearances for the wedding.

    My biggest concern is finding a photographer...I don't think we can afford one.  (Forget a videographer, that is definitely not happening.)  I put out a call on Facebook to my CT friends for any photography students/recent grads who may want to expand their portfolio and make a little cash.  I can edit photos myself if need be, but I want something good to work from.  

    Other to-dos include:
    * Deciding on a honeymoon: are we actually having one?  Can we afford one?  Where will we go?  What the heck will we do with our two bunnies while we're gone (if they can't go with us)?
    * Write our vows
    * Decide on readings, ceremony length/order
    * Figure out what the heck we're doing for music
    * Commission a  veil (I hate literally every one I've looked at ugh)
    * Order the rest of my outfit (shoes, tights, jewelry)
    * Move (great timing, isn't it?)
    * Wedding website (maybe--not sure there is a point at this time though)
    * Registry?  Maybe?  Using a website right now where I have maybe 3 items and a "hearth and home" cash category.  We have double of everything after 6 years of living together and I don't need more mixing bowls or towels.  
    * Defend my thesis (again, timing is great)
    * Plan the travel to the wedding itself...which includes having a few days to apply for our marriage license up there.  It's going to be tight, I think his job ends on July 24 and we're probably driving, which takes two days one way.

    Not bothering with: 
    * Hotel block
    * Rehearsal dinner (if we have something it will be very casual; like booking a room in a restaurant or something.  Not sure it's worth it though, we can't pay for it.)
    * Bachelor/bachelorette parties, bridal showers

    I feel like getting the guest list finalized will make the catering/cake, music, and invites fall into place almost immediately.  It feels like a lot to do...but also like it's under control?

    Long post, sorry!
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    @hoppytogether I think you forgot ONE thing.... BREATHE. :)

    Seriously though, hats off to your for dealing with the move and your thesis while planning a wedding in what seems to be a shorter timeframe! I got engaged August 2014 and at that time we were also building our home and I was studying/sitting for my CPA exams while working full time. Thankfully, since then we have moved into our new home (December) and I passed my last exam (January) so I feel like two huge weights have been lifted.

    At least it seems like you are being realistic about what is important and what is not and it sounds like you have a great plan! Good luck and try to enjoy it all!

    EDITED bc words are hard.

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    I got engaged on Valentines day (yes, last month) and our wedding date is August 15th. For religious reasons we don't believe in long engagements, so putting it off until next year was not on the table from the start, and we've known for a while anyway that we were meant to be. :)

    At any rate, we're keeping it small. We have a small venue, a caterer booked (just this week), and a guest list of fewer than 50 people. We have ceremony music picked out, songs picked for key points during the reception, a place and a timeline for the ceremony, and our wedding bands picked out. We have the party picked out (small - just the MOH, Best man, a ringbearer, a young bridesmaid and a flowergirl). I've chosen my color scheme and my flowers, my mother is making the cake, and we've decided on the reception decor theme which is probably the most fun part of all for us. 

    But.... I DO NOT have my DRESS. :(  

    I posted enough about this at length on another forum so I'll spare repeating myself here. But this is a huge point of anxiety for me, mostly because I am extremely picky and pretty much hate everything that's out there. Also I know exactly what looks good on me (very few things) and what doesn't (most everything else, lol) and so I'm trying to have it made. The one seamstress that I've had the most communication with is , well... not too communicative, and though she knows the date, I don't think she's taking it all that seriously, despite my offer to pay her in full right away. It's just seeming like nobody wants to make a dress from scratch. I told my best friend today that I'm about a heartbeat away from having anxiety dreams about going down the aisle in jeans. 

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