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What are you including in your welcome bags and where are you getting everything? We have already contacted the convention bureau and we are getting brochures from them. We are thinking about bottled water, mini tabasco, zapps, advil, and a personalized door hanger.

Re: Welcome Bags

  • That sounds like a great list!  We were going to do something along the same lines... with a personalized 'welcome letter', and maybe some pralines instead of the tabasco in our case. I love the advil and door hangers!
  • Agreed.  Great list.  We had the following in our bags:  Map from the tourist boardWelcome letter (that included restaurant, music and things to do suggestions), Timeline/schedule of events, Zapps chips, mini pralines from Leah's (these were great because Leahs can put personalized stickers on the wrappers and you can pick them up right in the quarter - we also had these in a bowl at our wedding for parting snacks), small bottled water, advil and we bought some chocolate coins wrapped in purple and gold foil from candy.com.  have fun!
  • Do you guys know of any companies who just put all of this together and deliver them? I'd much rather just pay someone to take care of it. :)
  • You could try Lagniappe for Your Event... I haven't worked with them but I saw them advertise in a bridal magazine.

  • The New Orleans School of Cooking did something for a convention in nola. I'm sure they do weddings too
  • I highly recommend getting in touch with the woman at Nancy's Corner.  She'll work with you to the best she can on budget. 

    We just ended up doing a welcome letter with gift certificates to Cafe DuMonde for everyone. 

    FYI, I emailed Lagniappe for Your Event and they never responded. 

  • Great Ideas! I think I will add the timeline of events, tourist guide, and Advil to our bags along with our Welcome letters, small bottle of wine (2.00 or less each) and Hersey kisses 

  • Does anyone know if local items are available at Costco in New Orleans? Thanks!
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