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Weight Watchers??

Any other WW brides here?

I love them!! Not judgy, which is nice. I know what I am supposed to do to lose weight but I have SUCH a hard time staying on track when someone else isn't seeing that scale on the number. It's so easy to just say "next meal" or "tomorrow" over and over again. I work out a lot but I LOVE food!! It helps me control my splurges. Sometimes I pick up fun little tips form other WW members that I hadn't thought of...

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Re: Weight Watchers??

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    I used to do Weight Watchers and for a while it did work for me.  I liked having that accountability each week.

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  • When my mom was on it , it was a real help to her, that regular day and time when avoidance just would not work.

    What she found difficult was that in turning to the website for useful info between meetings, was that there are more food and desert pictures than any magazine, and worse, all kinds of linked advertising hit her inbox.

    So she would be fine and not snacking, and every second or third email she opened had photos of luscious cakes and deserts and milkshakes. So what if the recipes inside were low cal, looking at the pictures would make her want a snack immediately.

    Someone on here told me there is an account setting to deselect for any such ads, and that made a HUGE difference. Who needs 5 - 10 pictures of food filling a screen during a work or home day?
  • My MOH and I do weight watchers. I struggled for awhile and then decided I needed some accountability so I brought my FI in on it. Now when I'm getting ready to snack on something I shouldn't have, he asks me if it's worth it. There have even been times where I will tell him it's worth it to eat away my points and he tells me to "Tell it to my wedding dress". Some people think it's harsh but it works for us. FI is a Marine, so it's just his nature. Very effective.

  • Knottie06069723 my FI is a Marine as well and him and I learned very on that, unfortunately, this is one of the few things that we have very different styles on. He has started "reminding" me of the dress though. That has been the only time I haven't reacted negatively to him with this kind of thing, even though I know he is trying to be helpful.
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  • Just came across this thread! I've been on WW for 4 yrs and maintaining at or close to my goal weight for 2 yrs.


    It's a great program, but everyday is still a struggle for me.

    I'm getting married in Sept, so I'm determined to look amazing on the big day! Right now, I'm dealing with 3-5 extra lbs.  It's frustrating, but I know I can get to where I want to be by Sept.

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