Barn Wedding Venues

I am looking for a barn venue (even if it is just renovated but not normally rented out for weddings) near Kiel/Elkhart Lake/ New Holstein/ Kohler.. Let me know if anyone knows of anything! 

Re: Barn Wedding Venues

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    Check out the county fairgrounds!  Many have at least one of the barns/buildings with bathrooms which is a nice bonus.  Some will go as far as to have heat or AC available which depending on the time of year you want is awesome to have available!

    Just googling "(town) Farm Reception sites" quite a few options in that area came up.  The advantage of working with one that is set up is just that - they've got the amenities (think toilets and tables/chairs/electrical) and you don't have to worry about having to do things like clean up a machine shed, gravel or some type of flooring for said shed, parking, etc...

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