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dry cleaning sample gown?

I recently bought a dress at a sample sale that I love!  It's in perfect condition, minus the dirty hem.  The dress is much too long, so it definitely needs to be shortened.  My question is, should I get it dry cleaned first, or should I take it to get tailored, because the dirty part may just get cut off when hemmed? 

Re: dry cleaning sample gown?

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    If the hem weren't dirty would you still be wanting to get it cleaned? I know some people would bc of buying a dress others may have tried on.  If that doesn't bother you and there are no other stains to worry about then I would wait.  You could aways call the tailor to ask too and see what they think
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    I hadn't even thought of that, so I guess it wouldn't bother me!  Good idea to call the tailor and ask.  The dress was a little more than I hoped to spend, so I'd love to save a few bucks if I can avoid dry cleaning, plus I've heard horror stories about dresses getting lost/ruined.
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    I have a sample dress, and my seamstress is taking care of the cleaning. I trust her a lot more than I trust a dry cleaner. Since she has an eye for wedding dresses she pointed out some spots that needed cleaning that I hadn't even noticed. Definitely take it for fitting first, and see if they can clean it for you or at least recommend a good dry cleaner.
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    That's a great idea--thanks! 
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    Cleaning any wedding dress will cost at least $100.
    Most wedding dresses are made of polyester fabric.  This is washable.  You could carefully clean the hem yourself with a bowl of liquid detergent and water.  Rub gently, just cleaning the dirty areas.  Test on an inconspicuous place first.  If you are patient, the dirt should come off.
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    Oh gosh, I'm not sure if I could do it myself without panicking that I'm going to ruin the dress.  It's really long, so I'm planning to call the seamstress first and see what she thinks. 
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