Talk to me about Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

Hi Knotties,

Has anyone had their wedding here? I am trying to get some info and hadn't heard back from the venue. Would you recommend this venue? Anything and everything you can tell me would be awesome, the space looks amazing!

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Re: Talk to me about Mt. Washington Mill Dye House

  • Hi!

    Im surprised you haven't heard back from them. The best way to reach them is to call their event manager, Janin. She is wonderful and has been very responsive for us. We booked our wedding there for Sept. 24th, 2016. The place is GORGEOUS. Pictures don't do it justice. We fell in love and stopped looking for other venues the second we saw it. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!
  • My friend just got married there last month, and it's an awesome space. Very historic/industrial and easy to decorate in whatever style you prefer.

    One downside was that the doorways between rooms are a bit small, and there were a few traffic jams at this 175-person wedding. Other downside is that they have an exclusive caterer who I am told is very expensive. Very good but very expensive.

    (I know this response is a little late, but I'm hoping it will help someone else searching...)
  • I was looking at the Mt Washington Dye House. Di anyone use them? Do you know what other costs you had with your event? I saw that people were using vendors for lighting and curtains, is that not included? Also which caterers out of the two did you choose and were they extremely expensive?  
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