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When are you having your Bridal Tea/Shower?

tpwkalyntpwkalyn The Heart of Dixie member
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We're getting married on the 21st of November, & my mother and aunts are throwing my Bridal Tea! They are the most wonderful group of ladies and I am so thankful that they have offered to do this for me & my fiance. 

My mom was asking me last night when I'd like to have it.

I was thinking of registering in September & having the tea in late September or early October.

Have any of y'all planned this yet? 
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Re: When are you having your Bridal Tea/Shower?

  • lbailey886lbailey886 South Carolina member
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    So far, I have one planned for August 16th and September 13th. I don't plan on having anymore, but if there are any, they'll probably be planned around the same time. I think your time frame sounds fine. I have already started registering, just because the people throwing my showers wanted to know where I was registered and because every wedding time line tells me I should have months ago.
  • Nope, I don't plan on having one. I'm not a 'shower' type person--bridal showers, baby showers, you name it. Dislike them. We haven't even decided on our registry yet--we may not even have one because FI and I have been living on our own for several years and together for the past year. We really don't need anything.

    FMIL and her sister have been expressing interest in putting together something, though, since none of my family lives in the same state. Probably in September. They're super sweet and are super excited to do it, so I'd feel bad telling them no. This means we may have to register somewhere for a few things….gaaaah.
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  • My shower is going to be late August/early September. My mom won't tell me the actual date but she did say it will be sometime around there. 

    Also, my FI and I have already registered. Walking around the store with the gun scanning things was one of his favorite things to do! Give yourself a good amount of time to register though, we thought it would be easy since we haven't owned our house for very long and never really got around to buying things we wanted but we left the store with hardly anything on the registry. It was a combination of feeling strange about "dictating" what people should buy us and deciding whether we liked something on the spot. I researched and we thought about things and then added most of our registry online after the fact. 
  • I'm also getting married on November 21st! No one has offered to throw me a shower yet and tbh I'm not too interested in one, though I wouldn't turn my nose up at the opportunity to drink tea with people I love. I'm more interested in doing some sort of fun bachelorette thing, but no word yet if anyone will be giving me one.
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  • arrrghmatey I think if they want to throw one, just let them and register for the items that you need.  Upgrades on your current items are a good idea- even a new comforter or bath towels are nice to have.  We got two big gifts for christmas, a vitamix and a kitchen aid mixer, so now we are going to focus on having good cookware, plates, glasses and towels.  We've been living together for over 5 years but a lot of our stuff is on the cheaper side- so we definitely could use some items.  I'm so happy my girls are interested in throwing a party.  I'm not a huge fan of bridal showers, but I might opt for no wrapping so I don't have to go through that process which is definitely boring for the guests. 
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