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Reception venue help!

I'm torn between a few different place as our wedding venue. We look at blithewold mansion in Bristol and LOVED it, but it's really expensive, which breaks my heart. We also looks at Mt hope farm, I had my eye on that place for a while I do really like it but I feel like the barn is so small we're expecting around 150 guests and I think it would just be uncomfortable in there.

Everywhere else I've looked at is only online except for Harbor lights marina in warwick. I've been there a couple of times. My issue with them is that it's very modern and I really want a rustic vintage wedding which I think I can get that feel there with decorations but I also wanted it to be a fun wedding that's outdoor with some yard games possibly and I'm just not sure I can do that there.

The other venue I'm looking at now is glen manor, which I love the pictures of it but I'm not sure how I feel about the multi rooms. There's also willowdale estate in MA but I'm not sure of the prices yet I'm waiting to hear back. And the last place I found with Smith Barn also in MA, but I don't know if it's not formal enough and I'm worried about the size of the barn.

So basically I'm asking what anyone's opinions are with harbor lights, glen manor, willowdale estate and smith barn. Even the other two I mentioned I wouldn't mind feed back on. I really want a rustic vintage wedding that's classy but fun for everyone, and I just don't know where that would be at a reasonable price. Thanks!


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    I can't help you because this is an international forum, so most people who post here aren't from your area. A moderator might move your post to your local board.

  • You should look at Bittersweet Farm in Westport, MA. It is beautiful and definitely rustic. I think Glen Manor and Blithewold are more vintage- not rustic. Harbor Lights is definitely more of a country club vibe to me.
  • Glen Manor is beautiful, but personally, I hate multi rooms.  As a guest, I hated sitting in a separate room and then having to go to another room to see the first dance etc…
    I don't have any experience w the other venues.  Good luck with your search! 
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    Thanks for the input! I completely agree on glen manor and blithewold being a vintage theme, and I think I've been leaning more towards vintage now since I've been looking at venues. @Futuremrsjms, when you were a guest at glen manor did anyone else complain about the multiple rooms and how did the bride and groom handle it ? It's so beautiful to be but I feel like I would be all over the place and worried how the guests felt about everything the whole time
  • @taylorperri12 other guests had similar thoughts to me with the awkwardness of the seperate rooms.  The couple seemed to love it and enjoy it though.

    Initially, I loved Aldrich Mansion in Warwick, but was deterred by the fact that it's different rooms.  That is just the drawback (IMO)to a mansion style venue. 

    If you're into a vintage look, I would suggest The Dorrance in Providence.  I'm getting married there in September and it's beautiful w a very vintage feel.  Of course, I'm a little biased :)

  • If you are doing summer Willowdale might be nice. However there is no way to fit 150 people inside without separate rooms. It was horrible and lots of guests complained. Food wasn't amazing either.
  • I second Bittersweet Farms in Westport. They would be able to accommodate your guests, and it is a nice venue To fit your theme.
  • I looked at Smith Barn and wouldn't suggest is for 150 guests. That was how many I thought we'd invite too and I think it's too cramped.

  • @taylorperri12 have you made any progress on a decision yet?
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