David Crockett State park???

Has anyone used Crockett Park for their venue?  Or the Restaurant there?  I haven't lived in TN for long and am looking for a venue with a super tight budget.  Would love outdoor and access to water would be a huge plus as well for pics.   Always pictured a botanical garden but I am thinking they are out of my budget so looking at parks?  Any thoughts in middle TN???

Re: David Crockett State park???

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    I don't know anything about Crockett park, but I looked at Montgomery Bell (in Dickson, ~30 mi west of Nashville).  They have a beautiful chapel there and the Inn/Conference center is a possible for reception/hotel for OOT guests.  

    To rent the chapel at MB it was $200 and $225 (I think?) for a couple hours at the Conference center.  My wedding is in the winter, so it wasn't going to work as well as we hoped, but is definitely a plan B if my church falls through.

    Good luck!  

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