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TGIF: Happy Friday!


Re: TGIF: Happy Friday!

  • Happy Friday!  I'm so excited that this is the first weekend in a long time that we don't have any plans.  We are going to try to go see the King Tut exhibit while it's still here, and maybe go to the zoo. 

    I also have plans to video game and watch copious amounts of Friends on Netflix.  It's going to be great.
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    Happy Friday, y'all! :)

    Tonight FI & I are going to grab a quick dinner & just loaf around watching Netflix & maybe throw some wedding planning in the mix.

    Tomorrow I'm going dress shopping for the first time! I am so excited but definitely nervous. I'm a little scared that the sample sizes aren't going to fit over my giant boobs and wide hips. :worried:
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  • Pretty quiet weekend here. We thought we might head down to Ohio to see BIL's new house, but now H's grandparents are having some health problems, so they're coming home from their snowbirding early. We might go see them instead.

    All I want to do is sleep.
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    FI and are going to see his favorite band tomorrow night. Hippie dancing galore! It's my favorite people watching scene. Last time they had these awesome hula hoop dancers. I was mesmerized. 

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    Happy Friday! !!!!

    FI'S working this weekend and he has comedy every night this week/weekend. A friend of ours asked to film FI at comedy for several days because he needs to do a documentary for one of his classes. Friend is a film major.

    I will be doing copious amounts of cleaning followed by some grocery shopping and copious amounts of homework that I've been hard core procrastinating on.


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  • Ooh, speaking of bonfires, before we move next, I need to burn all my school papers.  I kept EVERYTHING for the last three years of college. Every syllabus, every handout, every assignment, every test.  I'm not even kidding. And when we moved here after I graduated, I hauled an entire box of all those papers with me because I didn't have my diploma yet.  I was SURE something would get screwed up because I had one screw up literally weeks before graduation and a second one that had the potential to get screwed up.  I had to have all that stuff, just in case I needed it to help prove I'd taken a class.  Anyway, it's about time for that bonfire!

    H and I aren't doing too much this weekend.  He'll be doing homework lots probably.  :(  We're looking forward to next weekend.  Valentines Day ball, it will be so much fun! 
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    So I just saw this:




    I'm the fuck out.

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