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Denise40Denise40 Montgomery County, Tx member
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Have any of you had these done or planning to? What did you wear or will you wear? Any certain theme you're going for? Being an older bride, I never did these before. Sorry for sounding naive.
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Re: Engagement photos

  • We had FI's sister do some shots for us, and it was mostly to get a shot for our STD's (I got a mini chalkboard and wrote "Save the date!" and our date on it). I just wore one of my favorite dresses and FI wore a nice but casual and comfortable collared shirt. We walked around the downtown area near our house and got some shots in various locations.

    I know other people go for a more formal and elaborate look. I really think it's whatever you want and are comfortable with. I'm more concerned with our wedding photography than our engagement photography, since those are the photos we'll be sharing on FB and such, so it wasn't as important to us to pay for a professional engagement shoot.
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  • We had ours done by my future sister-in-law!  We chose a nice location and went close to sunset (the golden hour) I wore a white sweater, dark jeans and brown boots and a brown leather jacket.  Got my hair blown out before hand since I suck at anything other than a ponytail.  My fiance wore a flannel shirt and jeans.  We wanted to be comfortable and dress for the weather.  Our theme was rustic fall- but not a big deal if you don't have a theme.  Just pick a location that you like (could be meaningful- or just pretty) and wear what you feel comfortable in! There are no rules on this one! :)
  • lbailey886lbailey886 South Carolina member
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    My mom bought us an engagement sitting for Christmas and I just got around to booking it for next month. I wanted to get them done at the bridge where we got engaged, but the park doesn't open until Spring and I got tired of waiting, so we're taking some shots around our family farm (think fields and trees, not cows and pigs). I bought my shirt the other day. It's a black long sleeved shirt with some lace on the sleeves. I'll probably wear jeans and some pretty shoes. Idk what FI is wearing yet. I'm excited.
  • Denise40Denise40 Montgomery County, Tx member
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    Thanks for the info everyone!  I will start planning.  LOL
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  • arrrghmateyarrrghmatey member
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    Engagement photos are not necessary, and from what I've heard, they will be a distant memory once you have your wedding day photos. However, I did get engagement photos done, mostly to remember/celebrate the engagement and to have some photos to put on our website and STDs. My FI has a friend/co-worker who does photography as a hobby, so we hired him for $50 (we paid him $100 and bought him dinner). We went to scenic areas that are local, including outside of our venue (without the actual venue being seen). We are getting married at a vineyard so we had a lot of vineyard shots. I didn't do any special hair or make-up and instead did minimal make-up. As far as what we were….meh, just our usual clothes. Granted, some of our nicer clothes, but for me, that was a nice lace top, my favorite pair of jeans, and a pair of black boots. FI wore a polo. We really wanted to be ourselves rather than make it look like we're putting on a show. So ours was very casual, and we've gotten nothing but compliments on our photos.

    If I were to give suggestions, here they are: do some research on what types of poses you would like to do, and talk with your photographer beforehand.

    And on that note, don't feel pressured by all of the engagement photos you see that involve props, fancy outfits, etc. If that's not your style, don't do it.
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