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Regret having a smaller wedding vs a bigger wedding?


Re: Regret having a smaller wedding vs a bigger wedding?

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    I had 75 and have no regrets.  We only invited our immediate families, aunt/uncles first cousins and closest friends and I thought it was the perfect amount.  We did a receiving line at the church and did table to table visits and were able to mingle with everyone throughout the night. 
  • We had about 25 people come to our wedding, and it was awesome. We got to spend a lot of time with people, which was great, as my husband hadn't seen some of them for a long while, and got to catch up with them. I also got to spend a lot of time with my family, who I generally only see once a year now that I live 10 hours away from them.
    If we had had a bigger wedding, I think we would have had to make a lot of concessions for things that I think made our wedding so great. I got to design the menu from scratch (but our caterer is also my father's boss, so that was more or less a given), we got to have a cozier venue that fit our style better, and we were able to take great care DIYing our decorations, which our friends and family loved and then took home (thankfully).
    But in the end, PPs are right; it's better to decide based on what your ultimate vision really is.
  • I had a group of 15 and I have absolutely zero regrets. We had our immediate family and best friends- who we speak to regularly only- we have massive extended families and our guest list was getting out of control. This was we spent our day with enough time to appreciate the moment and spend time with our guest
  • we had 80 people at our wedding & I don't regret it at all! I was able to go from table to table during the reception & thank everyone for coming! while we had a lot of older people there, it didnt stop us from having a lot of energy on the dance floor! 
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