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I am planning on buying my dress in David Bridals. Can anyone tell me their experience with David Bridals and how are they with alterations etc. and how are their prices? Thanks any feedback would be great.

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  • I went to David's Bridal to try dresses on and didn't have the best experience. I had to wait for my consultant to help me and she was helping 2 or 3 other people at the same time she was helping me. I didn't feel like I had her undivided attention. I got my dress elsewhere.
  • I went to the one in brookyln and in the city. The staff was ok but I really didn't appreaciate the woman helping me and another bride at the same time. She was never around when I needed her. However, they do have some very beautiful dresses and reasonable prices. I bought mine from Macy's and I loved the experience. 
  • I went to the one on 23rd and 6th and honestly have had a great experience so far. Just picked up my dress last week! I made my appointment to bring the dress in for the first fitting, but no real experience with the alterations yet. 

    For my size/figure (12 street size, tall & busty - no sleeveless for me!) I felt like there was a really large variety of options. If it helps, prices range from $399-$2500, but I found most of the dresses I thought were of a good quality and value were in the $1000-$1600 range, and my dress was $1099 (marked down from $1400).
    That being said, it's definitely not the world's most personalized and upscale experience, but my dress was not a high priority in my budget and I wasn't looking for a lot of hand holding. If you're looking for a lot of guidance and attention or to spend an entire day trying on dresses, then a more traditional salon is for you I'd say.

    My suggestions : 

    -  GO EARLY -- both my appointments were 10am on a Saturday and I had my consultant to myself for all of the first appointment and 2/3rds of the 2nd appointment. By the time I was leaving at 12:30ish, the place was packed and I can see that being a huge factor in comfort/experience.

    - Know what you're looking for - I came with a list of dresses preloaded on their website so the consultant knew right away what to pull. Of the 12 on my list, 9 were available in a size that would work (not necessarily MY size, but a size they could clip), and  the consultants suggested another 2, one of which ended up being THE dress. 
      If you're going soon, PM me and I'd be happy to give you the names and contact info of hte two consultants I worked with :)
  • RK Bridals and New York Dress are wonderful.  Skip david's - they don't use the best materials if you want a dress under $1000
  • I agree with Esther Morales.  I went to David's bridal on 26th and 6th and did not have the most helpful attendant.  There was a dress I saw on another bride, asked to try it on and was told it came in plus sizes but they did not have one.  The woman thought the dress was new and didn't offer any additional information.  Only after I asked for the sku number did she tell me she thought the dress was a new arrival and did not know when they would have it in.  She also did not know which others stores may have had it.  Long story short after dealing back and forth with their customer service, i found out the dress was discontinued.  Not helpful at all in my opinion.

    I had a very different experience at RK bridal.  The wait was long, 2 hours, go early if you can but the experience was totally different.  The attendant was nice and brought styles i wouldn't have picked.  One of them might be "the one" as I am still looking.  If your a plus size they have a large selection.  Hope this helps.
  • I also went to the one at 26th and 6th. Avoid that store completely.
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    I've only been the the DB in Westchester on Central Ave and I felt like they were okay there...I was also trying on a BM dress which was already chosen by the bride and I just needed to check sizes. The lady gave me a code so I could order the dress online with free shipping which was nice.

    I'm just starting planning as I got engaged earlier this month and while I haven't written DB off I know there's a lot better options in the city for reasonable budgets. I'm looking at under $2k with alterations.
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  • If your budget is 1000 to 1600, skip David's Bridal and go to RK.  Better crafted gowns at that price point…JMO
  • RK Bridals and New York Dress are wonderful.  Skip david's - they don't use the best materials if you want a dress under $1000

    I got my dress from RK didn't have problem all the people are very helpfully and would definitely recommend them and also skip David's
  • I fortunately had a great experience at the DB on 26th and 6th.  I went on a Friday morning, so the store was empty and I had my stylist's full attention.  I highly recommend KRIS as the top stylist - she was wonderful, and she picked out a dress I never would have chosen, and I fell in love with it!  

    Keep in mind, it's a no-frills experience - they won't hold your dress longer than a week, so I needed to bring it back and forth for alterations.  They didn't have a plastic garment bag and wanted to charge me for a high quality bag.  And there was a 45-minute wait for my alterations. 

    But - if you can go on a weekday morning and if you manage your expectations, I hope you will have the same great experience I did.

  • I went to DB in my hometown of Austin, TX and had a great experience. The attendant was very attentive, helped with dresses that didn't quite fit, and even helped me with the necessary undergarments. I left with undergarments and TWO dresses.

    I went with my bridesmaids to pick out their dresses in the NYC store on 26th and 6th. It was a MADHOUSE. Our attendant was hardly ever there. I tried to ask her to get the dress I picked in TX so I could show my bridesmaids, but she was way too busy. I had to flag down another attendant who found it and brought it over. The shoes I liked were discontinued and didn't go up to my size. My bridesmaids found their dresses, but I wouldn't have been happy with that experience had I been there to get my wedding dress.
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