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DIY Birdcage Veil?

Has anyone made their own birdcage veil, and if so, was it worth your effort? I will be wearing a tea length dress, and I'm set on having a birdcage.  However, I am not finding anything that matches the vision in my head (not a huge fan of the super thick netting, but also not the sheer material - looking for something in between). Nor am I willing to spend $150+ on one. 

I'm a pretty crafty person, but there are so many patterns out there on Pinterest it's hard to know where to start - headband or fascinator? Net or sheer, or some in-between option? Over the eyes or just above?

To be honest, I don't have a concrete question. I'm just looking for advice and tips from other brides who wore and/or made a birdcage veil. I'd love to see your photos, too. Thanks in advance!
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Re: DIY Birdcage Veil?

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    I don't have photos of mine, but I did make my own. I didn't use netting, instead bought tulle to match my dress. It was super easy to make! ended up making about 5 so I could try different styles and lengths to get it just the way I wanted. Cost about $15 and a few hours of my time, so definitely worth it.

    This is the tutorial I used:
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    @Jon+Bec15 Thank you! That's a great tutorial... Not nearly as complicated as I was imagining!
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    I made mine!  I made it up as I went and didn't use a tutorial, and it turned out awesome.

    I used my mom's veil for the material, so it was really soft, fine 28 year old tulle.  I have short hair, so I put it on a headband that I covered with the applique from Mom's headpiece.  The rosettes on it are also made out of the tulle and some seed pearls I got from Michael's.

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    @mrscomposer - Your veil is gorgeous! Thanks for the photo!
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