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Masterpiece: How much food

For those that have used Masterpiece, did you have a lot of food left? Did you have enough? Their heavy app option is 12 pieces per person. I'm trying to decide if I need to order for the exact number of guests, under, or above. Estimated 60 guests. Also, does anyone know how they do deposits.

Re: Masterpiece: How much food

  • Hi There - I can answer all of that for you :-) I had 40 guest had 12 piece pp and it was plenty!! I also had a dessert table w/ wedding cake from gimme some sugar. You put down half of the deposit and the other half 30 days before. They were professional on time, cleaned I had everything too: server, event captain, bartender , chef station. the food was awesome and I didn't even do a taste test!! Scott is the very best!!!  I have alot of pics so lemk if you want more :-)
  • Would you mind giving a ball park figure for the apps and then the desert table minus the cake?
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  • My cake & desserts only was 800. The table it was all on,  was at the penthouse. I made and shipped the cake stands and brought my sequin table cloth with me.
  • How about the apps?
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  • Oh minus the cake - 380 for mini desserts -
    Just the Heavy Apps was 1280. Thats not including everything else I had. I had the flavor wall, chef station and open bar. Grand total which included delivery, set up, breakdown, chef, bartender, event captain and all cutlery. 3800

  • Love the sequin tablecloth! A great way to decorate an in suite reception :D
  • Yeah I loved them too! They were re-purposed from my bridal shower :-)
  • Where did you get them from if you don't mind me asking? I can only find them on etsy and they're super expensive.
  • Check out cvlinens or craigslist. 
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  • Hi - I am piggy backing off this thread - for those that have used Masterpiece, how have you handled tipping - wondering both on the logisitics and the amount? I am having an express service one day and a staffed one another. On the staffed day it looks like they will be sending 4 people. Looking for input!
  • jayjaayjayjaay member
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    I had four people as well and I tipped them all a decent amount because GRATUITY was already included. Yes, I tipped on top of gratuity.
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    I plan to tip them because my contract says "the catering service charge is not gratuity". How do you all know how many staff members they are sending? I see one event captain and bartender but that's all.
  • Jayjaay that's interesting, my quote/contract does NOT include gratuity. It does include a small "service" charge. From all the internet sleuthing I have done, it doesn't seem a service charge is considered gratuity.

    I'm curious whether those of you using Masterpiece (or other catering) tipped a percentage of the contract, and if so, what percent.

    I'm also curious as to whether you tipped on the entire bill (including tax, rentals, service fees) or only on the food&bev.
  • vegasbride082015, my contract has additional staff listed beyond the event captain and bartender (which are listed), I suspect they modify this line depending on the size of the event. I'm in the 50 person range for heavy apps.
  • More than likely, I will only tip on the food and beverage, which still leaves a hefty tip. And I will tip the bartender separately.
  • vegasbride082015 your contract will say exactly how many team members you will have :-)
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