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Vermont winter elopement

My fiance and I are interested in eloping in Vermont in the winter.  I would be willing to freeze outside for pictures/a unique ceremony, but more realistically what we want is a small venue with a beautiful view - so we feel like we're outside.  I'm having a really hard time finding someplace.  The small elopement packages at many inns don't offer a space with a beautiful view and the bigger places (ski lodges, for example) are geared toward summer weddings or are two big for an elopement.  Has anyone done this before? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

Re: Vermont winter elopement

  • I don't know where in Vermont you are looking but I know that there is an inn that has a beautiful barn and they do weddings all year round. 

    West Mountain Inn
    Arlington Vermont

    It is a smaller (the barn can do larger weddings tho) place. The Inn has a smaller reception site inside. And I know there is a hill to go up and from what I can recall there is a view. I am not sure how much of one but I feel like I saw outside pictures of a different wedding there that had a beautiful backdrop.

    It is located in Southern Vermont, about 20 minutes from the NY border.

    Also, check out Four Chimmney's Inn in Bennington Vermont. They do wedding packages and such. I have never been there so I am not sure about the views but the area is beautiful! Bennington is also located in Southern Vermont. It is about 20 minutes south of Arlington.
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