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FREE Boutique Style Wedding Photography

FREE Boutique Style Wedding Photography


Please visit to view some of my work! 
To contact me, email me at [email protected]

The Service: What You Get! 
-Professional Digital and Film boutique style photography 
-Full coverage of your event: preparations, ceremony, composed portraits and reception 
-Proofs: choose the shots that you love most! 
-Digital negatives and high quality film scans of your choosing on DVD, flash drive or via Dropbox 

It's FREE??!! Why? 
In a word. . ..YES!!! There are only a few exceptions (such as travel) where this might not be true which we will discuss during our one on one in person consultation. 

Why? While the photographer has extensive training and experience in documentary, photojournalistic and fine art photography, very little of it is in strict wedding, engagement and special events photography. This is a way for you to get beautifully crafted, professional photographs of your once in a lifetime event, and for me to build my portfolio in this specific area. It's a win win for everyone involved!

My Style: 
As mentioned, the bulk of my work centers around documentary photography which encompasses candid and composed portraiture, still life, environmental or architectural photography. In addition, I shoot food, cocktails and restaurants professionally. Some of my work can be seen on my website at

However, the goal of THE WEDDING PROJECT is to capture the story of your wedding day as it unfolds naturally and to highlight the moments and elements that are most important to you. This includes ensuring that photographs are executed in a way which matches your style rather than mine. 

The Experience: 
Step 1: The Consultation
During the consultation, I'll get to know you as a couple. We'll talk about lots of things: what's most important to you in your day to day lives and how that has influenced your event, the elements of your event that you're most excited about, your aesthetic and what inspires you visually. If you're a bit camera shy we can talk about posing versus candid images, the kind of direction you can expect to hear from me, and the moments where you won't even notice I'm around this way you'll feel no pressure and won't have any surprises day of. One of the most important things we'll talk about is your venue and what advantages and challenges are presented by it. The goal of the consultation session is to build an understanding and a trust between photographer and couple so you have one less thing to worry about leading up to and on the big day. 

Step 2: The Plan
I'll combine all of the information we gather during your consolation to come up with a style that I think best fits your personalities and passions. I'll also provide a potential list of composed shots (still lifes and composed individual, couple and family portraits) we'll try to get on the day of so you know what to expect. We'll also confirm scheduling and any set up or traveling I may have to do. 

Step 3: The Shoot
The day of the shoot, you should have very little to worry about where your photography is concerned since we've already reviewed everything in the time leading up to your event. It might be important to you to introduce me to a few people that are most important to your event (bridesmaids, best friends, your niece, your dog etc) which I'm more than happy to do. Otherwise, I'll be shooting away knowing when I may need to take charge to capture a moment that's important to you and when to become invisible to capture your event as naturally as possible. 

Step 4: The Followup
After your event, I'll follow up with professionally retouched images of your choosing on disc, flash drive or Dropbox. 
While I don't offer prints or photo books, I'm more than happy to consult with you on where and how you can purchase or produce these in order to get the best quality and style that you're looking for. 
The digital negatives are yours to keep for a lifetime! 

Please visit to view some of my work! 
To contact me, email me at [email protected]
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