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Nevada-Las Vegas

Whats your favorite Vegas Club?

Being from Alabama, I don't go clubbing very much. I've actually never been to a Vegas Club at all. I am trying to help my bridesmaids in planning what our group would like to do for the bachelorette. We will have 15 girls and 1 guy. I would appreciate any suggestions for bachelorette. We plan on dinner then thunder from down under then maybe clubs. Some I've seen include in packages are Tao, ghostbar, Chateau, Marquee... I know I can count on you ladies to fill me in:) TIA

Re: Whats your favorite Vegas Club?

  • KikiMiraKikiMira member
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    For my bachelorette party we did a strip tour out to the vegas sign, the chip'n'dales and then we went to Tao. It was a good night. We booked it with Lavish Vegas and it was fantastic. I also had 16 women and it was a good price, it worked out to be about $120/per person, plus food and drinks cost. 

    It depends on the night you go. do you know which night you want to go? I have been to a a fair bit of the clubs and some nights are better than others. Also what type of music do you perfer? 
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  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience @KiKiMira Lavish Vegas was one of the ones we were looking at. It'll be a Thursday night, June 25th. I'm ok with house, and I know some of the ladies will like clubbing more than others so I think as long as atmosphere is ok the music might not matter as much.
  • I love Chateau and Hyde. I would also recommend doing a club crawl. You can find them for pretty cheap, they include several clubs and often times drinks on the bus. 
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  • On a thursday definitely go to Tao, its worship thursday's, it will be busy and fun. You will also get a free open bar between 1030 to 1115 in the lounge (the monk) at Tao (the lavish guy will walk you right in and show you exactly where). After that make sure you at least check out the actually club, Down the hall on, right outside the lounge area. A lot of people seem to think the lounge area is the club because it has a DJ and bottle service. 

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  • Does anybody know any clubs there that play mostly Hip Hop / R&B ? We are there from a Sunday to a Thursday so not sure what the clubbing would be like non weekend.

  • Good luck; every club is endless house/techno now, it's ridiculous.  My favorite Vegas club used to be Lavo because they had an old school hip hop night on Wednesdays, but that club is closed now.  Crown at Rio used to be all hip hop/r&b, it's closed now.  I haven't found a strip-based club that is consistently hip hop since 2013; some have special nights that you have to look out for but that's been it.

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  • thanks for that @vegasgroom - those old school hip hop nights would have been ideal for us as well *sad face* I will have to keep an eye out on any special nights

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    We're going to club crawl to Ghostbar, LAX, Chateau and/or 1Oak. I've never been to Vegas but FI has plenty of times. I also prefer Hip Hop/ R&B. (Friday and Saturday nights)
  • I have had a google for Hip Hop/R&B clubs and the following have been suggested;


    BoomBox Room @ Marquee Club, Bank @ Bellagio, Tryst @ Wynn, 10AK @ Mirage and LingLing Club @ Hakassan. 


    However, having never been to Vegas (and not due to go until September) I'm not sure how relevant/up to date this list is.  Fingers crossed!

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