Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Can't open some pictures (so sad)

DH's friend took our wedding photos as a gift to us. He used DH's camera (nikon D80 or something like that) and memory cards. Well, one of the cards is not formated right (at least that is what it said on computer screen). So now we are missing about 200 photos from the reception. No father/daughter dance or the brother/sister dances, no cake cutting. We have 1 pic of DH and me dancing and a few from when we opened up the dance floor after cutting cake. I'm so sad :( But, on a happy note our photographer is friends with someone on the police dept who does recovery on things like deleted files on computers and things like that. He seems to think he can recover the pictures on the corrupt memory card. Cross your fingers for me! I need all the luck I can get.

Re: Can't open some pictures (so sad)

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